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A Message For 2016 And Beyond

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, ups the ante set by his historical and viral videos of the past. He touched on humanity’s cost to ourselves and this planet before, but this time he really makes it clear: we, humans, are pushing the

Watch a citizen de-escalate a situation and get arrested as cops prepare to shoot

In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a driver fleeing at reasonably slow speeds. As the situation continues into more highly packed areas, an unknown citizen positioned himself in front of the car. Although described by the news commentator as a crazy person,

A teacher shows a better way to deal with difficult students than violence

Following the very viral video of a South Carolina sheriff throwing a non-violent student across the room was met with defense by many claiming “we don’t know what she did before the video” or that “the cop was trying to help her learn discipline,”

World’s first ocean cleaning system will be deployed in 2016

It is estimated that the majority of the world’s plastic, of which hundreds of millions of kilograms are produced each year, ends up in the world’s ocean. Once in the ocean it doesn’t float around aimlessly as might be expected, but instead it ends

U.S. is #4 in “development” but only #24 in “sustainable development”

The UN’s famous Human Development Index (HDI) is a little over 20 years old. Of all the world’s indices, the HDI is surely one of the most widely cited. It ranks countries by the quality of life they give to their people. Its brilliance lies

There’s a reason only Iceland repaid all its debts ahead of time and revived its economy

Iceland stands alone in having repaid all of its debts following the financial crisis of 2008. Their ability to do this was not based on their belief in elves or their relatively small population, but instead based on the dedication their population to demand

Emissions cheating is “systemic,” 4 more companies caught

“These new test results [from Emissions Analytics] prove that the Volkswagen scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. What we are seeing here is a dieselgate that covers many brands and many different car models,” said Greg Archer, an emissions expert at Transport

The remarkable change to poor kids when their parents get a little more money

When a group of researchers first started this long-term study 20 years ago in rural North Carolina, they didn’t expect to be presented with a sociological godsend. The original goal was simple: to observe the mental condition, performance, and health of 1,420 low-income children.

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

The Mongolian government has vastly overhauled the energy structure of the herders and nomadic people of the northern highlands. This project has been so effective that 70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power. By installing portable solar home systems in the gers (tents made

Salt-water lamp turns salty water into electricity

The Sustainable Alternative Lighting project, otherwise known as SALt, has developed a salt-water lamp that runs purely on saltwater. Based in the island nation of the Philippines where the cost of candles, paraffin, or battery-operated lamps have hit the poor very hard, this project is