In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a driver fleeing at reasonably slow speeds. As the situation continues into more highly packed areas, an unknown citizen positioned himself in front of the car.

Although described by the news commentator as a crazy person, the engaged citizen was smart enough to put his knees onto the car’s bumper: enabling himself to survive had the driver simply pumped the gas.

Once the unnamed vigilante brought the driver to the police, both he and the driver were promptly arrested.

The arrest of the citizen who was trying to help without using violence is, along with the slow speed of the suspect, the most surprising part of the video. There was no attempt to talk with the man who had put his own life in danger to provide a suspect violence-free to the police: he was treated like a criminal.

Although there can be discussions of how big a role vigilantism should play in an advanced society, it is clear that anyone taking control of a dangerous situation without violence should be given the benefit of the doubt. Instead, we see the use of violence by police given the benefit of the doubt while de-escalation by normal citizens is met with arrest.

It is well known that the state maintains a monopoly on violence, but it is surprising to see cops trying to demand a monopoly on peace-making as well.