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Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Finally Revealed

With a drug war against marijuana still raging in more countries than not, the question of how long-term marijuana use effects the human brain is a pivotal question in its legalization.  Although alcohol remains legal despite heaps of evidence to the dangers of long-term

Colorado Seeing Safer Roads Since Legalization

Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, there have been loud voices of prohibitionists who say that the result of legalizing will be roads filled with stoned drivers who pose a threat to everyone on the road. So far, the numbers do not add

Cannabis Biotech: Creating A 30-Foot Marijuana Tree

The modification of plants using selective breeding, phytohormones which change how cells react or perceive themselves and their environment, for instance allowing an older plant to bloom or grow new roots, and even genomic editing are nothing new to the world of agriculture. The

Exposing The Healing Powers of Hallucinogens

Journalist Abby Martin has reported an exclusive interview with former CNN journalist and investigative reporter, Amber Lyon, who recently traveled the world experimenting with psychedelic substances in order to cure her PTSD. She is now touting their benefits while highlighting the dangers of many

First Medical Marijuana Restaurant in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Mega ILL cafe is making headlines this week for its pot-positive vibes and pot-infused pies. Said to be the city’s first “pizzeria-cum-vapor lounge”, the cafe is, as owner Mark Klokeid explained to CTV News last month, a “pot friendly” establishment where patrons are

Jacksonville Plans To Make 18,000+ Warrantless Searches

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office recently announced that they would be installing new security cameras around the city, and that they were planning on knocking on more than 18,000 doors, without warrants, as part of an initiative called “operation ceasefire.” Sheriff John Rutherford, Councilwoman Denise

Iowa Senate Successful In Passing Marijuana Oil Legalization Bill

The Iowa Senate has passed a bill that legalizes the use of a form of marijuana to treat chronic epilepsy, joining a host of other states and nations that continue to slowly make progress toward legalization and decriminalization. The measure passed the Senate 36 to

New Study Suggests Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

A new study which looked at the relationship between cannabis legalization and crime, conducted by the UT Dallas, has concluded that there is no correlation between legalization and an increase in crime. On the contrary, the evidence suggests that legalization may even reduce violent

Prison Reform And Legalization Efforts Gain Momentum

The conversation about decriminalization and legalization of cannabis continues to flourish in many places of the world. The increased acceptance of the “drug” can be associated with the increase in the prevalence of states and countries to move toward decriminalization and the ever-mounting evidence

Italy Plans Release Of 10k Prisoners After Overturning Controversial Marijuana Law

On February 12th, Italy’s constitutional court struck down a 2006 law which categorized marijuana the same as heroin and cocaine and thus tripled the prison sentence of those caught with marijuana. The court ruled that the law was “illegitimate,” without much other elaboration.  The