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Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal to Get Saudi Arabia on UN Human Rights Council

Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council, leaked diplomatic cables have revealed the UK was a key player in the election of the Gulf State ─ despite the Saudis’ appalling human rights record. The United Nations Human Rights

Why racism was never really about race

Race is an attempt to define groups of people based on their appearance and heritage. Clean “races” don’t exist in a scientific context and genetic variance barely exists, and we’re genetically far healthier because of this. Indeed, the idea that a human is somehow

New study explains why white people deny their privilege

Life doesn’t treat us all equally, no matter how much we individually try to uphold values like equality. Although the gap between men and women has declined in size, the position of black people in the United States has not come remotely close to

Rachel, Race, Identity, and Truth

Rachel Dolezal has been all over the news, sometimes misrepresented and frequently without a real hard look at the whole story. In some circles it hasn’t even been clear about what exactly the criticism was, and a misportrayal of it being about her “whiteness”

Why “ghetto pranks gone wrong” aren’t funny

I see the videos routinely shared on Facebook, and usually I just ignore them. The reason I ignore them is because the videos are arranged so that the “actor” has a high probability of being assaulted: these people go into the hood to act

10 Facts About Being Homeless In The USA

1.  Over half a million people are homeless On any given night, there are over 600,000 homeless people in the US according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Most people are either spending the night in homeless shelters or in

Why I’m Not A Patriot

People are often called Patriotic, as an achievement, for example when someone dies at war, especially in the United States, where patriotism is seemingly expected of you. To be unpatriotic is to be against your country, that you should instead love. But should you? Dictionary.com

Riots In St.Louis: What, Why, & How To Prevent This

The Michael Brown shooting occured on Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, MO. Ferguson is a suburb of St.Louis in which approximately 14,297 of 21,203 residents are black. On that August night, an unarmed 18 year old black male was killed by a white Ferguson

3 Massacres Committed by Israel in Less Than A Week

More than 630 deaths have been recorded so far, as Israel continues its brutal assault on Gaza. Israel launched its offensive on the 8th of July, and according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, more than 25% of Palestinians killed have been children. On the 23rd

NBC Removed Its Reporter After He Saw Israel Murdering Kids

After witnessing the killing of four Palestinian boys of the same family by Israeli forces on a the beach of Gaza, as they played soccer, NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin (who has received advanced glorification for his courageous and innovative coverage of the war) was ordered by NBC