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Riots In St.Louis: What, Why, & How To Prevent This

The Michael Brown shooting occured on Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, MO. Ferguson is a suburb of St.Louis in which approximately 14,297 of 21,203 residents are black. On that August night, an unarmed 18 year old black male was killed by a white Ferguson

Why We Must Stand Up For Our Privacy

I’m a big tech guy, and I love the latest in phone technology.  I recently read about  a phone that apparently is so secure that even NSA won’t be able to hack it. At first, I thought “this is awesome”, but then I thought,

Michael Dunn, Zimmerman & Michael Giles: Why Race Still Matters

The Michael Dunn case, George Zimmerman case, and Michael Giles case can be regarded as highly different, and yet in many ways they are the same. All were in Florida, all involved self-defense, all occurred recently, and all involved a gun. Michael Dunn, a

Creationism and Science: Where Has Man Gone Wrong?

I, like hundreds of thousands of others, watched a recent debate between a prominent creationist, Ken Ham, and Bill Nye, a well-known and respected TV personality and scientist/engineer. While watching the debate I couldn’t help but notice what most other people thought: neither one

Stereotypes and How We Can Effectively Change Them

Something I have always noticed is that each society has stereotypes of its own. Most of them are just popular rumors. As we advance and grow as learned people we understand the platitude of treating people as individuals, instead of stereotyping groups of people.