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Don’t stand up for what you believe in

Many people say “stand up for what you believe in”, the phrase and line of thinking are common in memes across social media, speeches, and inspirational videos. I’m here to tell you not to. I don’t question the intent behind the message, it is

Journalists could face 14 years in prison for leaking official material

“Journalists who obtain leaked official material could be sent to prison under new proposals” according to The Telegraph. New proposals are being brought forward in the U.K., in an overhaul of the Official Secrets Act, that could see journalists jailed for up to 14

Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal to Get Saudi Arabia on UN Human Rights Council

Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council, leaked diplomatic cables have revealed the UK was a key player in the election of the Gulf State ─ despite the Saudis’ appalling human rights record. The United Nations Human Rights

10 Gender Norms We Need To Change

There is a degree of embedded sexism in the expectations we have, and stories we tell, within our culture. I am not talking about words like “humanity” having man in it, but instead about the idea that a stoic woman would be anything but

Victory: Ag-gag law struck down in Idaho…14 more states to go

Agricultural gag laws, also known as ag-gag, are designed to prevent, among other things, the publishing of video taken within slaughterhauses and factory farms. The laws work primarily to silence and intimidate whistleblowers, and have spread out over the United States into 14 states

The Royals: 18th century thinking in the 21st century

A country on its knees, families destitute and food banks rife, but as the government says: “we’re in it together.” We tolerate this based on the basic ideology that’s installed in us from a young age, namely that working hard makes anything is possible. Yet,

Children Given Life-Long Ban On Talking About Fracking

Although gag-orders on adults are a reasonably common conditions of settlements, these recently unsealed records from 2011 show that Range Resources Corporation demanded children be banned from ever discussing fracking… and were granted this by the courts. Following contamination of the Hallowich’s 10 acre

Obama And The Future of Net Neutrality

In early November, Obama publically announced his suggestion for the future of the internet: making it a public utility with equal access for all. Word for word, he actually said, “More than any other invention of our time, the Internet has unlocked possibilities we could just

A Town In Minnesota Made A Dog Their Mayor

Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A small Minnesota town seriously made a 7-year-old dog their mayor. Duke the dog was initially elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, in early August, and was officially ordained on August 16th. This isn’t the first

Why This World Should End

I started to sum up what St.Louis rapper (known as “Prince Ea“) says in this video before I realized that he already expresses it artfully and fully. So instead of writing about it, the lyrics will be displayed with a few relevant hyperlinks embedded.