enhanced-20114-1407888018-22.png Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A small Minnesota town seriously made a 7-year-old dog their mayor.

Duke the dog was initially elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, in early August, and was officially ordained on August 16th.

This isn’t the first ridiculous mayoral appointment in Minnesota, with a 3 year-old child having been chosen as the mayor of Dorset. So, you could even argue that Duke is not too far behind in terms the life experience some small towns expect of their mayors.

To be clear, these towns are not seriously expecting a 3-year-old or a dog to run anything. The towns are very small (as in, under 50 people), and the position of mayor is more symbolic. Since the town doesn’t need much “running,” the mayor is more of a mascot. Still, the ceremonies and post are technically real (you can watch Duke get anointed here on YouTube).

So, with that in mind, we can only hope that Duke the dog fulfills his mayor obligations well. He will, at the very least, regally enjoy his salary of dog food supplied by a local pet shop.