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Girls do better at Science and Math until they’re asked to indicate their gender

This Comic Teaches You All You Need To Know About Vaccines

There have been a lot of debates about vaccines in the public forum. We still see literally hundred of thousands of people completely sure that vaccines cause autism, that the ethyl mercury in thiomersal causes alzheimers, and many other spurious assumptions. Vaccines aren’t perfect

Mozilla Teaming Up With Tor To Improve Internet Privacy

The internet browser Mozilla is teaming up with Tor to give internet users greater security online. The new Polaris project is designed to combat internet censorship and make NSA like intrusion’s a thing of the past. Edward Snowden’s revelations concerning the extent of the

Marijuana vs Alcohol: How do they compare?

Aside from the numerous medical uses for marijuana (especially in regard to cancer), we have to weigh its every day risks and costs to the non-medical consumer. Doing so gives us a pretty clear picture: prohibition of marijuana makes even less sense than the

Why Your Vote Doesn’t Really Matter Much

Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig brilliantly explains how money, and the “nomination filter” has destroyed our elections. By our, we mean for everyone from Hong Kong to Alabama, from London to Moscow. It’s only a six-minute presentation, and he says so much. To put it

3d Printed Metal Gun Is Even Better Than Expected

The decentralized nature of 3d printing technology has long interested everything between hobbyists and survivalists. When the first plans for a 3d printed plastic gun went available online last year, more than 100,000 people downloaded it within 2 days. Solid Concepts was the first company

Ice-Water Challenge Leads To Water Shutdown in Scotland

The ALS ice-bucket challenge (which is trying to raise money for a genetically rooted motor-neuron disease affecting less than 1% of the population), has been going viral worldwide for several months. Since you are reading this on the internet right now, I will assume

A Town In Minnesota Made A Dog Their Mayor

Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A small Minnesota town seriously made a 7-year-old dog their mayor. Duke the dog was initially elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, in early August, and was officially ordained on August 16th. This isn’t the first

Why This World Should End

I started to sum up what St.Louis rapper (known as “Prince Ea“) says in this video before I realized that he already expresses it artfully and fully. So instead of writing about it, the lyrics will be displayed with a few relevant hyperlinks embedded.

How Powerful Is Your Passport?

Not all passports are equal: while a citizen of the United States can have access to almost all countries without any type of authorization, many of these same countries require their citizens to fill out complex and detailed forms in order to enter the United