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Does conventional law-and-order help native communities?

In Canada and beyond, native (first nation) peoples have high rates of suicide, child abuse, alcohol, drug abuse (including solvents and gasoline), and incarceration. They have lower than average per capita income, high rates of reliance on social assistance and school abandonment. Hundreds of

David Suzuki’s Grandson Stands Up To Unjust Laws

David Suzuki’s grandson, Tamo Campos, was arrested during a peaceful protest against the exploitation of the Burnaby Mountain conservation park on Thursday, November 20th. After being released, he stood in the rain and asked those of us watching to reflect on what is exactly

World’s Saddest Polar Bear Held Captive In Argentina Slowly Going Insane

A petition has been created online in order to gather support for the polar bear Arturo, described as the world’s saddest animal. Animal activists and concerned citizens around the world are pleading with officials to allow the bear to have a better life at the

Do Schools Inadvertently Promote Bullying?

According to, roughly 28 percent of U.S. students in grades six through 12 have admittedly experienced bullying. For students in grades 9 through 12, it’s 20%. Additionally, roughly 30% of young people admit to bullying others in surveys. It’s difficult to know the

Man Detained In Psychiatric Ward For Giving Out Hundreds Of Dollars To Strangers

Officials in Halifax, Canada, have detained a man because he had been giving away money to strangers. Richard Wright had been vacationing in the city and decided to spend some of his time giving away various amounts of money to strangers on the street.

Prison Reform And Legalization Efforts Gain Momentum

The conversation about decriminalization and legalization of cannabis continues to flourish in many places of the world. The increased acceptance of the “drug” can be associated with the increase in the prevalence of states and countries to move toward decriminalization and the ever-mounting evidence

Canada To Consider Lighter Approach On Pot Legislation

The Conservative government in Canada is looking at potentially changing  its current draconian-drug policy, toying with the alternative of allowing police officers to issue tickets to people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana rather than arrest and jail them. Justice Minister Peter

Canadian Environment Regulators Now Paid By Oil Industry

In a defiant move against the desires of the Canadian people, the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal was recently approved, despite surmounting evidence suggesting the danger associated with such a project; a detailed economic analysis by the Alberta Federation of Labour and others. The interests of

Thousands Attend Global Million Mask March

Tens of thousands of individuals around the world have taken to the streets to participate in the Million Mask March which took place on November 5th. Supporters of the Anonymous hacker-activist group orchestrated rallies globally. The date coincides with Guy Fawkes Day, a day

Lawsuit Filed Against Canadian Government Over Spying

Since the shocking revelations of the National Security Administration (NSA) surveillance program were first disclosed several months ago, many have made it well known that they are less than impressed with the broad NSA surveillance initiative. Several countries have condemned the intrusion as an