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This map should change the way you think about foreign aid

Criticism of foreign aid centers around the fact that it is largely ineffective at generating sustainable economic development or truly helping the world’s poor. But as this helpful map from the cost information website reveals, one reason for that is that promoting development and

Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal to Get Saudi Arabia on UN Human Rights Council

Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council, leaked diplomatic cables have revealed the UK was a key player in the election of the Gulf State ─ despite the Saudis’ appalling human rights record. The United Nations Human Rights

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

The Mongolian government has vastly overhauled the energy structure of the herders and nomadic people of the northern highlands. This project has been so effective that 70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power. By installing portable solar home systems in the gers (tents made

Why So Many Americans Defend Capitalism and Corporatism

Capitalism has worked well for big business and for the people with stocks and estates. But for the past 35 years our economic system, stripped of sensible regulations, has poisoned the nation with deadly inequality and driven much of middle America to an ever-widening lower class.

Basic income as a human right? This 3 minute video puts it in perspective

Since the idea first emerged in Switzerland to label a basic income as a human right, widespread international discussion of an “unconditional basic income” is threatening to render many social institutions obsolete. Indeed, many crimes, much suffering, and even the environment could be aided by

Massive permaculture project lifts 2.5 million out of poverty

If you visit the Loess Plateau right now you will find a suitably luscious landscape in the province thought to be the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Agricultural land is rich in produce and animals, tourism levels have significantly increased, and farmers are reaping the rewards of

The Pentagon Doesn’t Know How It Spent $8.5 Trillion

When government is completely dysfunctional and seems not to serve the people’s interests, we have to wonder where our tax dollars are going. Thanks to a Reuters investigation by Scot Paltrow, we have an answer—or, rather, a non-answer. Apparently, the Pentagon has made use

Mining giant suing El Salvador for right to pollute one of their last fresh water sources

In a matter of weeks, the World Bank could decide whether the tiny Central American nation of El Salvador will have to dish out millions of dollars to mining giant OceanaGold for rejecting its proposed gold mine. The $301 million lawsuit has been underway

Largest Architectural Institute In US Set To Discuss 9/11 World Trade Center Collapse

The American Institution of Architects (AIA) is set to discuss the current understanding, and findings, regarding the 9/11 world trade center collapses (specifically WTC 7). A vote about the validity of the NIST report will be held during their 2015 AIA Conference, this May,

Nestle pumping water out of state forest using an expired permit

Federal officials say they are investigating reports that food company Nestle has been piping water through a national forest in California and then bottling it for retail purposes using a permit that expired nearly 30 years ago. The United States Forest Service confirmed on