A country on its knees, families destitute and food banks rife, but as the government says: “we’re in it together.”

We tolerate this based on the basic ideology that’s installed in us from a young age, namely that working hard makes anything is possible. Yet, aren’t some things more possible for some than for others?

I was born into a family on the edge of surviving. As I grew, it was clear that state school is my only option. My mother strives day and night to support us, working long hours in the NHS with asthma, staying up throughout the long nights, all to make sure I’m happy, well, and have enough to eat. Yet I’m already at a disadvantage.

Prince Harry, born to this world no different to myself, after which point our similarities end. He was born into privilege, not earned or worked for, inherited through very old traditions. He got the best schooling, private, best healthcare, and priority treatment in almost every situation. He never had parents struggling to survive or even working for their keep, Harry was handed everything on a plate.

Harry’s life experience, upon which wisdom normally grows, probably doesn’t include a day of actual work. Even during his army escapades, do you think he was ever in danger? Do you think he served out of necessity or a sense of duty, or is it more likely he served fool you into thinking he’s just normal?

My whole point here is simple, people like you and I will work hard our whole lives, surviving, helping each other, rarely making it to a comfortable life, whilst some people get an easy ride off our taxes while we work our long weeks for barely livable wages. You tell me who deserves to be rich: the man or woman who works long hours in a job they hate to support their families, or people who are gifted everything they have yet give essentially nothing for the greater good?

royalcostsThe shocking detachment from reality from whence they expect us to pay for their weddings, their palace refurbishment, their very existence. The Queen alone is paid several million a year, and the royal family getting around £40 million a year,  to simply exist, and yet we should pay for her birthday and parties?

The Queen recently tried to crowdfund a concert for herself and was shocked that only £15 was donated. How can someone earning millions a year, for little to no work, actually expect working-class families to fund her parties after they already fund her life?

To add further insult to injury, it’s estimated Buckingham palace will need refurbishment in the total of £150 million, and if you guessed that you and I will be expected to pay for that: you’re right.

A more important question is if it right to use that money for the Royals instead of using it to keep thousands of families alive? Why should we be expected to save every penny, and donate to the Queen, if the royal family seems unwilling to save from their millions of yearly allowance? The palace is not just a historical landmark: it houses a family who gets paid millions a year to simply live there. Were we just paying to refurbish a historical landmark, it would be acceptable, but we are paying to increase the level of luxury experienced by a family who we already give millions to.

Will you stand by my side and try to stop this travesty from continuing? From the bottom to the top we all do our fair share, so shouldn’t we all get a fair share? No more lies, no more fear, no more oppression, and if reason regarding this issue lays in the minds of the many, then realise we can make a change. We need to have the same quality schools for all, the same quality healthcare for all, and I shouldn’t be expected to bleed so that the Queen can throw herself a party at no personal cost. No man is better than the next, and it’s time the system resembled that.