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Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of Chernobyl 2.0?

As promising reports filter out of Ukraine that Chinese investors plan to invest $1bn in turning the radioactive wastelands of Chernobyl into a giant solar farm, the country comes to grips with a new environmental crisis. Crises at all levels, in all departments… Ukraine

Free Russian Journalists Detained by Kiev!

The “Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe” (OSCE) has urged Kiev authorities to release the Russian journalists captured in eastern Ukraine, saying that intimidation and obstruction of media working in the country is “unacceptable.” Before that, Moscow had called on the (OSCE) to

What Most Media Won’t Tell You About The Odessa Massacre

Cities in eastern and southern Ukraine have become battlefields, as the junta in Kiev has unleashed military and paramilitary thugs on the people of those regions. At the same time: the media, with its critical role in picturing public opinion, has also become one