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The Collapse of the American Dream- A video of our times

In this entertaining, and often funny Cartoon, you will find FIAT currency and the hold that the banks have over us explained in one of the most entertaining pieces of informational animation that we have seen. Share widely to anyone who you think would

The Reality of US Wealth Distribution

This is a MUST SEE video, that cuts through the illusion of the “American Dream” as it is perceived in the popular press This video recently went viral, help keep this knowledge cascading around the internet.  Together we make a difference.

Conspiranoia Versus Prospiracy – Daniel Pinchbeck

According to the prevailing narrative of conspiranoia, a secret society, descended from the Bavarian Illuminati, rules the world by invisible covenant and blood lines.

Diplomatic moves pave the way for Easter “Surprise” for Iran

Inspirational speech, a long delayed apology and a Passover gift for Iran. On 20 March I received intel from a News Agency insider that the Israeli government are planning an Easter exploit on Iran, that the US was desperately trying to cool things down

Russian Black Sea Fleet to have Permanent Mediterranean Presence

Russian Navy chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that there will be a permanent presence of five to six warships from the Black Sea Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean. One or two of these will likely be supply ships to support the guided missile destroyers

CIA and MI6 knew that Saddam had no WMDs and chose to ignore the evidence

MI6 and the CIA were told through secret channels by Saddam Hussein’s foreign minister and his head of intelligence that Iraq had no active weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair assured parliament before the war that intelligence showed Iraq’s nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons