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The Collapse of the American Dream- A video of our times

In this entertaining, and often funny Cartoon, you will find FIAT currency and the hold that the banks have over us explained in one of the most entertaining pieces of informational animation that we have seen. Share widely to anyone who you think would

Massive improvements in productivity have not translated to a better standard of living

Since the Silicon revolution began we have seen huge increases in productivity, but haven’t you always had the feeling that these improvements have not been trickling down to the population as a whole? I have been asking myself why? why is it that fifty

New Head of FBI Links to Banking and Arms Industry

The U.S. Senate confirmed James B. Comey Jr. to be the next director of the FBI on July 29. The first new director of the FBI to be appointed since 2001. While it is good to have people with the best skills in the

The Reality of US Wealth Distribution

This is a MUST SEE video, that cuts through the illusion of the “American Dream” as it is perceived in the popular press This video recently went viral, help keep this knowledge cascading around the internet. ┬áTogether we make a difference.

Unreleased CCTV Video shows Michael Hastings car explode in a fireball before crashing

Michael Hastings was a journalist who died in a mysterious accident a couple months ago. His last emails to other journalists said that he “was onto something big and needed to get off the radar for a while, I’ll have something in a few

Overgrow Campaign pits nature vs authorities. Stunning Win in Gottingen

The "Over-Grow" Campaign is a way to subvert repressive laws on Cannabis, by using one of the plant's key strengths. It grows like a weed.

Conspiranoia Versus Prospiracy – Daniel Pinchbeck

According to the prevailing narrative of conspiranoia, a secret society, descended from the Bavarian Illuminati, rules the world by invisible covenant and blood lines.

Guardian UK Removes NSA Scoop (but we found it again)

A Guardian article titled Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America was taken down for investigation but we have it for you.

Who has more access to your data than the Government?

All sorts of legislation are being prepared so that the Government is allowed access to certain data, empowering CSC as the true enabler of record keeping.

The majority of Syrians support Assad, so why are we trying to remove him?

So, if Assad is supported by a larger percentage of people than would vote for your own president, why is the sectarian violence being provoked?