Following the very viral video of a South Carolina sheriff throwing a non-violent student across the room was met with defense by many claiming “we don’t know what she did before the video” or that “the cop was trying to help her learn discipline,” Mrs.Turner-Smith responded by sharing how she dealt with a difficult kid in her class (an exact copy of her story can found in the image above).

Compassion and patience are much more effective tools at sustainably influencing human behavior than relying on fear and bullying. While respect earns your place as a role model, tyranny earns short-term cronyism and eventual betrayal. Mrs.Turner-Smith’s story reflects this on the modern micro-scale: she became an inspiration without investing much time or any personal risk. She did the exact opposite of the South Carolina sheriff who has now been fired for his conduct, and she did this by working towards a sustainable solution instead of reacting like a bully.

The majority of people are doing their best, and assuming the worst in people right before escalating to violence is an almost guaranteed way of reducing that person’s future willingness to empathize others or themselves try to solve situations without violence or aggression. Each of us is inspiring bystanders with our actions, or even inaction, and together we form the culture of tomorrow.

So since we can be and inspire the change we desire in the world, I think we can expect more sustainable answers to noncompliance than extreme violence. And although two opposite solutions were shown in this text and in the preview image, one solution  earned a teacher great respect and love, the other cost a sheriff his job and society’s respect.