Organizations and movements looking to create change sometimes find difficulty in gaining the funding needed to realize their projects. Many have found diverse manners of raising funds from using innovative websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which work through offering perks and giving people a means to explain their cause, or holding events like potlucks to enjoy time together while raising money.

Though there are many avenues available for funding, #OccupyTesla has decided to use a means that is more unique and fits into where they reach their supporters; selling Nikola Tesla stickers and shirts, and using the profits to build off grid organic farms and designing renewable power systems to offer the public.


The movement #OccupyTesla is geared toward giving people the knowledge and resources needed to go off the grid and raising awareness about an important but until recently forgotten engineer, Nikola Tesla, the father of the electrical age. Founded in December of 2011, their Facebook like page started with a slow and steady increase in followers, which has recently exploded to reach larger audiences, gaining over 100,000 likes in just under 6 months to a milestone of 150,000 likes in May 2014, this made #OccupyTesla the fifth ranked Occupy and first ranked Tesla themed page on Facebook.


On the ground, members of #OccupyTesla help their families, friends and the communities around them with the knowledge and expertise of surviving off grid, helping people to save money, as well as provide tangible resources to others. In the digital realm, #OccupyTesla focuses on raising awareness about the patents of Nikola Tesla as well as Tesla’s writings, giving modern people clues as to whom the extraordinary individual Nikola Tesla truly was, what he liked and supported, and how he as a person lived his life. Their Facebook like page also serves the purpose of providing in-depth information on DIY sustainability to empower a movement of people taking back the means of production and creating green business.


The fundraiser they’ve devised should allow them to support every area of their multifaceted movement simultaneously. The stickers and shirts they’ve designed help to raise awareness of the great Nikola Tesla, by using graphic arts to bring his image out of the digital realm and into the physical world all around us. The funding proceeds allow #OccupyTesla to better help provide materials, sustainable building systems, seeds and rhizomes for local organic permaculture farms to go completely off the grid, begin making plans for providing the public with portable renewable power units, and build a website dedicated to their mission to be launched later in the year!

Here is a list of projects they wish to begin funding below, all of the plans and electronics will be open sourced:

– PVC framed greenhouses that grow food, spices and medicinal herbs all year round using passive solar thermal mass techniques

– Plant dehydration sheds that use solar hot air collectors and solar photovoltaic panels. These will effectively and efficiently dry foods, spices and medicinal herbs to preserve harvests for long periods of time

– Portable briefcase sized folding solar power packs, providing instant electricity for any reason on the go! We hope to design multiple sizes for different power needs wherever that people may need it.

– 3D printed portable miniature solar-powered LED lamps, great for camping, emergencies and simply lighting up the night.

Says OccupyTesla on one of their posts.

All of the stickers are UV and waterproof and are made from a high quality vinyl that is great for outdoor use. The shirts are screenprinted out of an honest local shop in New York City that does print work for schools and unions who need to represent their causes.

The fundraiser is being held directly on their facebook store page, which also has a mobile version. #OccupyTesla will keep the public updated on how much money has been raised using their facebook like page and twitter account. You can help the fundraiser by buying Tesla themed gear or by using their donation link.

Exposing The Truth has had a longstanding relationship with #OccupyTesla and its creator, Michael Rodriguez, and we support their motives. They have consistently provided useful DIY plans like solar cookers and solar stills for free to all, and this project is clearly designed to make sustainability resources more available to everyone.