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I am writing with regard to “China boasts of strategy to “recover” islands occupied by Philippines”, posted by CHANKAIYEE2 published by the China Daily Mail on May 28, 2013.

This is with reference to the recent interview of “a well-known military expert” Major General Zhang Zhaozhong who gave a talk in a TV interview in Beijing about the current situation dispute between China and the Philippines in the South China/West Philippine Sea.

Further, they said the “expert” also analyzed his country’s strategy in the said region.

The following is the translation of what this so-called “expert” had said:

What should we do about those islands and reefs? I think that in the main we have done some things relatively successfully in dealing with the Philippines. Since the 1990s, the Philippines has done quite a few illegal and irrational things in its attempt to turn the Huangyan Island into its territory by means of presidential order, domestic legislation, and so on.
– Zhang Zhaozhong

This creature may be an “expert” militarily, but I cannot say the same with regard to the law, history, international relations, morality and ethics.

This guy may be a great military strategist; but as a person he has no sense of shame, morality and ethics!  His strategy may be beneficial for his country at the expense of the true owner; yet undeniably in the eyes of the world, his country are mere dirty scavenger, thieves and pirates of the worst kind!

So, to this so-called “expert” the Philippines, is the one who “has done quite a few illegal and irrational things”.  I am wondering what are these illegal and irrational things he is referring or alluding to?

I cannot understand the mind-set of China in claiming almost all of the islands is in the South China Sea, even without the basis of evidence. I am referring to those evidences that are clear, credible and convincing, not the kind of evidence that are historical which has no basis in fact or in law.

China is claiming indisputable sovereignty in the said territories. The problem is the basis of their claim is baseless, incredible and extremely disputable.

Consider the report of Jojo Malig, “WikiLeaks cable: China can’t prove Spratlys claim”, April 20, 2013:

Chinese authorities have failed to identify specific historical evidence backing Beijing’s claims that it owns disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea, a confidential US embassy cable published by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said.

Cable 08BEIJING3499, sent to Washington by the US embassy in Beijing in September 9, 2008, said a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) official and a local scholar could not identify specific historical records to justify China’s “Nine Dashes” claim that covers the whole Spratlys and areas within other countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZs).

MFA Department of Treaty and Law Oceans and Law of the Sea Division Deputy Director Yin Wenqiang told a US embassy political officer on August 30, 2008 that “China has indisputable sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and the adjacent waters.”

However, the US official said “Yin admitted he is not aware of the historical basis for the ‘Nine Dashes'” and only mentioned unspecified “Chinese historical documents” that indicate the basis for China’s claims on territory west of the Philippines, according to the cable.

Wow, what kind of indisputable sovereignty it is over the islands in the South China Sea and its adjacent waters as doggedly maintained by China, if they cannot even identify SPECIFIC HISTORICAL (Written) RECORDS that will justify their claim?

Even the Division Deputy Director Yin when pressed admitted that “he is not aware of the historical basis for the ‘Nine Dashes’”. This is a clear case of admission and another proof of China’s groundless territorial claim.

It is clear from the Wikileaks cable that the so-called “Nine Dashes” claim “that covers the whole Spratlys and areas within other countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZs)” is just a mere hoax and a shameful and greedy invention of China to assert their baseless contention and force their idiotic claim!

Further, it was revealed that: “The US official also talked to Beijing University Asia scholar Yang Baoyun about China’s claims.”

The so-called “scholar”, Yang stated that China’s claims “date back to ancient times, prior to the development of the modern nation-state.”

Bloody hell, what kind of scholar is that? What kind of ‘argument’ is that? The basis of their claim is anchored on the ancient times? Holy cow!

That is the most idiotic pronouncement that I ever heard in my entire conscious life. If that is the case, then there are no nation-states today in a legitimate sense, because we are all properties or territories of the ancient people!

Further, the cable added that:

Neither MFA’s Yin nor Beijing University’s Yang could specify a historical document that indicated the basis for the demarcation of the ‘Nine Dashes’…

Instead, Yang referred to a 2000 (a not so ancient document) MFA “white paper” on the Spratlys.

However, the white paper devotes little attention to the history of the “Nine Dashes,” providing, for example, only vague references to areas frequented by Chinese fisherman from Hainan…

It is beyond dispute that China has no evidence whatsoever and only shamefacedly using force and bullying its neighbors, because of her greed!

As one commentator said:

China is rebuffing the Philippine map of 1874 when their map only indicated that their territory by 1904 is only up to Hainan to the South.

The Philippine claim is being supported by Spain, Germany and other nations of the international community, while China is being supported only by China.

Further, I doubt if the Chinese people themselves are supporting their government’s idiotic contention with regard to the territorial dispute.

We all know the truth; the whole world knows the facts: China is acting as the new face of imperialism in the region.

I am wondering is there now scarcity of food in China or perhaps their resources is now beginning to dry up and that’s why they are bullying, invading and fishing at other countries’ EEZs?

To the Communist Party of China

Are you now having problem with your unsustainable growth?  That is why even at the expense of your people’s welfare and other countries’ interest, you are concocting stupid historical stories to grab territories of other nations?

Warning to China

Don’t dare us, don’t bully us and don’t even provoke us! We may be small, but we do have the guts and the balls to stand up and fight a bloody bully like you, that was have shown and exhibited many times.

May I remind you that during World War II, your country was ravaged and raped by Japan, yet my country had never surrendered to those barbaric Japs. We fought those bloody bastards from day one up to the end of the war.

In fact, because of the bravery and heroism of the Filipinos, we in a sense saved Australia and New Zealand from the Japanese advance. That gave MacArthur time to regroup and organize his army.

By your evil acts and greedy deeds, you are acting like the new Japan; well, we don’t give a damn about that! We stood up and fought fiercely against the Japanese Imperial Army; if it is necessary, we are prepare to stand up and fight you too.