3D printing is bound to be a technology we shall all hear about more and more. This is a device which should become as common as the television itself, why ship products using gasoline unsustainably when we can simply print them where we need it? Personal 3D Printing is changing the way society produces objects, the elimination of overproduction will ultimately reduce waste dramatically!  This is the very first step to the creation of a Star Trek style Replicator.

3D Printing Takes The World By Storm - Exposing The Truth

Ultralight Fractal Structures may imitate and/or outmatch the strength of steel and be 3D printed

A team of researchers in Europe has shown that the density of large structures can be dramatically reduced, if they are designed using a fractal pattern.  The researchers have worked out a way to calculate an optimal “hierarchal structure” built from a certain material so that it can withstand a given load.  They claim that using such techniques could help in building highly efficient load-bearing structures that could be used in solar sails, cranes or other lightweight-yet-strong constructs.

3D Printing Takes The World By Storm - Exposing The Truth

A fractal is an object or a structure that is self-similar on all length scales.  Fractal patterns are seen in nature at all scales – everything from a single fern leaf that resembles the entire plant, to clouds, snowflakes, blood vessels and cauliflowers shows a fractal pattern.  A particular example that inspired this latest work is the trabecular bone – the “spongy” bone that is found near joints in the human body.  This bone has a sponge-like network of fibres that have a pseudo-fractal pattern, whereby the pattern is almost self-similar across a few scales. This makes the bone strong but light and capable of providing the necessary strength and stiffness.
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3D Printing Takes The World By Storm - Exposing The Truth

Engineers pave the way towards 3D printing of personal electronics

“In the long term, this technology could revolutionalise the way we produce the world around us, making products such as personal electronics a lot more individualised and unique and in the process reducing electronic waste.  Designers could also use it to understand better how people tactilely interact with products by monitoring sensors embedded into objects.  However, in the short term I can see this technology having a major impact in the educational sector for example, allowing the next generation of young engineers to get hands-on experience of using advanced manufacturing technology to design fairly high-tech devices and products right there in the classroom.”

3D Printing Takes The World By Storm - Exposing The Truth

3-D Printing Branches Out With New Wood-Based Filament

The new concept has a mysterious start.  A Thingiverse member going by the nom de printer ”Kaipa” recently uploaded pictures of 3D-printed parts that weren’t made of extruded plastic, but a wood/plastic mixture he created on his own.  The maker wouldn’t share the process for making the material, or even what the ingredients were, but he did offer to send sample spools of his experimental filament to interested hackers.

Objet Adds New Improved Rigid Black Material and 16 New Rigid/Rubber-like Composites Bringing the Full Objet Range to 123 Materials
New 3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Takes The World By Storm - Exposing The Truth

The creators of an innovative new 3D printing technique have been awarded SCI-Arc’s prestigious Gehry Prize

Phantom Geometry is “centered on the development of a system for generating material volume from streaming information.”  The system uses ultraviolet (UV) light from a projector “to continuously and selectively cure photo-initiated resin within a shallow vat system.” Cured resin is “simultaneously and continually pulled away from the vat, allowing uncured resin to flood in beneath it to be subsequently cured.” The result is “the material reification of streaming data that emerges along the motion path of the Staubli robot maneuvering the vat/projector apparatus.”  The designer can modify the streaming data at any time, and “such interventions impact emerging downstream geometry.”

Tesla Valve 3D Printed