Seattle Seahawks head coach Carroll speaks during a news conference at Newport in New Jersey

The Seattle Seahawks just won the Superbowl making coach Peter Carroll both an NFL champion and a 9/11 truth champion as well. He was trailblazing 9/11 truth advocacy before they won, but the Superbowl win now puts American society in an even more interesting psychological position.

Think about it, we have the biggest distraction from global geopolitics, the corporate brainwashing event called the Superbowl, sitting parallel to one of the most controversial topics in world history. It’s beautiful and brilliant and highly ironic. I’m not hating on football. It’s a great sport, but it’s undeniable that this event has become somewhat of a religious ritual of corrupt consumer culture. The hundreds of millions of people fixated on the Seahawks and their coach will now be forced to consider this critical issue. The open-mindedness of the iconic coach should do wonders for allowing more people to feel comfortable questioning the government’s story.

There has been significant recent press about his concerns about the official story. He grilled retired general Peter Chiarelli about nearly every aspect of 9/11 truth based on a VIP package of information given to him by Architect Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, an organization with over 2000 certified professionals advocating for a new investigation into the highly questionable events of 9/11/01. They apparently discussed everything from Norman Mineta’s testimony of Cheney’s alleged ‘stand-down’ order to allow the Pentagon to be hit… all the way to WTC 7’s impossible collapse.

UPDATE: 9/11 truther named Matthew Mills from Brooklyn crashes post-game press conference and gets arrested for trespassing

Below is the most comprehensive 9/11 documentary to date called “A New Pearl Harbor” which goes through every single argument from both sides of the debate. It has been endorsed by Architects and Engineers and is the type of media that is going to force a real new investigation. It goes on pure facts and asks perfect questions that must be answered. People need to stop taking pride in their positions on this topic and just look at the evidence. I wish someone could show me something to explain it all because I would LOVE for this to not be the case, but it hasn’t happened yet and isn’t possible until the government releases the mass of evidence they are withholding for no apparent reason other than to hide it. Also below is an analysis of the 6 hour film by myself and Jeremy Rys, an esteemed 9/11 researcher and creator of War Crime 9/11, a super viral science channel dedicated to investigating the events.