The leaders of 150 nations, along with thousands of representatives of nearly 200 countries are currently meeting in Paris to try to come up with a plan to avoid the possible catastrophes of climate change.

Scientists have known for decades that the problem of climate change is a real and serious one, but recent reports find that even those warnings underestimated the scope of the issue, with some claiming that we have already reached a point of no return.

Of course, all of us will be affected in different ways. How will your country fare?

The Eco Experts have put together a great infographic in June based on data from the Notre Dame Global Adaption (ND-Gain) Index, an annual ranking of which countries are best poised to adapt to a warming world.

While the maps provide a great zoomed-out perspective of what will happen globally as the earth warms, there are a few things to keep in mind while checking it out:

  • The map is based on rankings, not comprehensive evaluations of each country.
  • The map looks only at the country-level. All state-specific, region-specific or city-specific data is lost in this map. For example while the US gets a green light on this map, specific parts of the country are far less equipped to handle climate change, including Miami and New York City.
  • Developed countries as a whole have far more infrastructure to adapt to a warming planet. The government can force people in coastal cities such as Miami Beach to move inland; we can also build new airports and transit hubs closer to the center of the country. The map reflects countries’ abilities to do just that.