Thinning hair becomes more common as men and women age, and there have been various remedies available to solve this problem. One of the options and probably the last resort for people who are desperate to revive their crowning glory is a solution in the form of hair transplants or hair graft procedure.

Hair Grafts: What They are

A hair graft is a general term for any portion of hair-bearing tissue that is transplanted into the scalp. Hair grafts can be taken from any part of the body, but they are commonly harvested from the back of the scalp or occipital scalp because this part has a high level of hair sustainability. Click here to learn more about hair transplants and if you are a good candidate for one.

Hair grafts or transplants are made by taking tissue from the donor zone and transplanted into the recipient scalp. The idea is to take a small amount of tissue where hair growth is possible and transplant this into a portion of the scalp that needs more hair. This tissue can be removed in two ways:

  1. Follicular unit strip surgery or FUSS – hair tissue is removed from the donor strip in a fleshy piece all at once. The follicular units are individually dissected from the donor strip. They are then preserved and prepared for transplant into the recipient scalp as single hair grafts. Each unit usually gives 2-3 hairs although this is not always the case. The physician then prepares the recipient scalp by creating incisions that have the same size as the hair grafts. Each graft is inserted one at a time at a proper angle and depth according to the goal.
  2. Follicular unit extraction or FUE – hair unit is removed one at a time from the recipient scalp. With the second method, each follicular unit is taken individually from the recipient scalp, which is then preserved and transplanted into the scalp similarly the FUSS checking for hair loss

Hair Graft Benefits

When considering hair transplants to restore hair loss, it is worthwhile to know about the benefits of such a procedure. However, it is highly recommended that you discuss this procedure first with a physician before making your decision since hair transplant is not for everyone. If you are already given the go signal for this procedure, here are the benefits you can enjoy:

  • An improved natural look. One common reason why patients turn to hair transplantation is disappointment with their balding appearance. Hair loss can affect both men and women but balding is more common among men. However, both balding and hair loss can negatively impact the confidence of both men and women. A natural full hair can be achieved with hair transplants, improving the self-confidence of the individual.
  • A permanent solution. Other methods to address hair loss offer only a temporary solution much to the dismay of patients. Using hair grafts or hair transplantation is remarkably the only remedy that provides a semblance of permanence. Hair loss and balding end the moment the doctor finishes the procedure. The newly transplanted hair then grows naturally. Statistics also show that hair transplant procedures have high success rates.
  • Low maintenance. Unlike other solutions to hair loss and balding, hair grafts require meager maintenance effort after the procedure. Thanks to the fact that the newly transplanted hair units work similarly like your other natural hair. This means that you don’t have to use special products to maintain the density of your new hair. It is also a one-time procedure, which eliminates the need to revisit the doctor for added procedures.
  • One-time cost compared to a lifetime of maintenance. The procedure can be pricey, take note. However, because it eliminates the need for special treatments or products to maintain its effects, this actually translates to a lower cost. When compared to other treatments that require long-term and sometimes lifetime use of special products, the one-time procedure of hair grafts procedure costs less. So if you will spend money to achieve your desired effects, you better spend it on something that is proven effective.

hair transplant diagram


Hair grafts are hair units that are used in a hair transplant procedure. Because the procedure uses natural hair growth tissues, the newly transplanted hair grows like normal hair. The procedure is done and finished by a physician in one session, making it a cost-effective solution to balding and hair loss.