There’s a new meatless burger in town, packing the main flavor of meat: heme, which is an iron structure incorporated into hemoglobin (which carries oxygen in your blood). Check out this first-hand report:

The surprising reason that red meat tastes “meatier” than older meat is because of the not yet oxidized hemoglobin. When it is oxidized, it turns from red to brown. It’s surprising that no one had thought to add heme to veggie-burgers before.

Patrick O. Brown, a Stanford University biologist and physician, put together Impossible Foods to feed people the same nutrition and quality of animal meat, but using plant-based heme, the non-protein, iron-rich part of the hemoglobin. The company employs over 50 people, including scientists, chefs, farmers, and engineers, all working to create revolutionary meat and cheese. Google even offered to buy them for $300 million, though the deal was reportedly rejected.

Why not take all the taste, feel, and calories of a beef burger, but with 1/10 the environmental cost?

The burger is planned to be released to the public in late 2015.