During the last few months, hundreds or thousands of Christian / Yazidi women and children have been captured by terrorists from the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”, formerly known as ISIS, in Iraq. UN reports revealed later that ISIS has created slave markets, trading and selling the “prisoners”.

According to the reports, about 2.500 women and children have been jailed, sexually abused, and sold for around $10 each in slave markets located in the al-Quds area of Mosul. But those who succeed to escape from ISIS confirm that the women held in special prisons face two fates: those who convert to Islam are sold as brides to ISIS fighters for prices as low as $25, and ranging up to $150. Those who do not convert apparently face daily rape and a slow death.


One of the Christian girls was lucky enough to escape with her children and cousin; she talked to BBC about the horrific situation in the Christian city of Qaraqosh, Iraq. She said:

“We fled last night, actually at 3 AM in the morning. We were at home when someone came and told us to, “Leave! Leave!” We left with our clothes only. We didn’t even take our passports. We have no place to go because no one wants us here. They took everything from us… They took the women. They raped them. They are selling them. For God Sakes, they are selling them! What century are we?”

According to UN report, ISIS abducted more than 500 women and girls from Sinjar village in Iraq and sent about 150 of unmarried ones to Syria, in order to offer them to ‘ISIS leaders’ as a ‘reward’ or to sell them as ‘sex slaves’. The report mentioned the story of a Yazidi girl who was abducted, raped several times by different men before she was sold in a public market as a sex slave.


Quoting from report:

“Women and girls are brought with price tags for the buyers to choose and negotiate the sale, the buyers were said to be mostly youth from the local communities. Apparently ISIL (or ISIS) was ‘selling’ these Yazidi women to the youth as a means of inducing them to join their ranks.”

Many more details can be found in the United Nations report, which reveals horrible stories of women and children who found themselves along the path of ISIS terrorists. Most of the Yazidis in northern Iraq are now displaced, ith many having lost loved ones in their search for a safer place.

A mother of one woman still held imprisoned in ISIS prison talked to The Daily Beast about a call she received from her daughter. She was forced to listen as her daughter detailed being raped by dozens of men over the course of a few hours.


Children were not in a better case. ISIS published many photos on social media and ISIS-related websites of youths being crucified! The crucifixion of those youths happened in Syria, after the barbarian group accused them of ‘breaking fast during Ramadan’.

Confirmations from other testified women – from inside the prisons – revealed that various children had been born under very bad conditions. Most of them were taken to unknown places.

According to the UN report, ISIS dropped off more than 60 Turkmen and Yazidi children in an orphanage after they had witnessed the killing of their parents by the terrorist of ISIS. The report remarks:

“It appears some of the older children may have been physically and sexually assaulted. Later, ISIL fighters returned to the orphanage and made the children pose with ISIL flags so they could take photos of them.”

Those who were older, as young as 12, were recruited to fight for ISIS. Quoting from the report:

“Witnesses reported that these children wear similar attire to that of ISIL gunmen, and sometimes wear masks or kaffiyeh over their faces. Children were seen carrying weapons, sometimes too big for them to carry.”

ISIS doesn’t see any problem with enslaving and selling people, according to an article posted by the jihadist Dabiq magazine, a major PR instrument of ISIS, saying “this is Shariah Law!” The ‘magazine’ claimed that ‘Islamic Sharia law’ allows the enslavement of innocent ‘polytheists and pagans.’


The article described:

“The Yazidi women and children were then divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State who participated in the Sinjar operations. The enslaved Yazidi families are now sold by the Islamic State soldiers.”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) also published a report based upon a series of interviews that ISIS has “systematically” separated Yazidi young women and teenage girls from their families, forcing them to marry its fighters.

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