A huge orange flash turned the night to day in the in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia when it showed in the sky on 14 November 2014 around 6:39 pm local time. There are still no clear explanations by authorities or scientists.

As the emergency services still trying to give an explanation, reports coming from them said there had been no accidents in connection with the bright flashes of light.


Amazing images were recorded on a dashcam installed by a motorist; you can watch the video below:

Actually, there was much speculation about the unusual lights. Some said it was related to meteors, while others believed it’s a military action. More theories claimed that it was a missile from space. However, none of them is confirmed yet.

The following photos show the light as it appeared in the sky:

inside ekater light 1

inside ek light 3

inside ek light 4

inside ek light 6

inside ek light 8

inside ek light 9

inside ek light 10

According to Russian news source, the reason behind this phenomenon was “was military performing routine disposal of explosives.

One of the eyewitnesses told the Siberian Times:

“For a few moments night turned into dazzling day, then everything went dark again.”

A local observatory pointed out that nothing fell from the sky on the day of the flash. There was no sound accompanying the huge flash.

During the time that the Russian authorities refused to comment on the event, the military theory was being promoted as the top theory in regard to the light.

Viktor Grokhovsky, an astronomer from the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences told 66.ru (in Russian):

Looks like a falling bolide, which invaded us. Because of the low cloud cover it ceased to exist above the clouds and lit up the whole sky”

Another video (shown below) of the unusual fiery phenomenon was a bright light on the ground, in a sign that it could be started from the ground:

Two years ago, a meteorite exploded over the Chelyabinsk in the Urals in February 2013. Witnesses said it was quite different from the one over Sverdlovsk. It is important to remember that the flash may not originate from above, but simply seem like it due to being reflected by the clouds. Because local air traffic control stations did not record anything coming down, we are left scratching our heads as to what the earth-bound reason for the incredibly bright light (unaccompanied by sound) could possibly be.


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(3) Photos Credits: Vyacheslav Bulatov