Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian president

Ebola is nothing to laugh at, with this current outbreak being categorized as a global health emergency by the World Health Organization on August 8th and killing approximately 60% of all those infected. Although the disease is honestly nothing to panic about unless you live in an affected region (which at the moment contains most of West Africa), we should all be concerned about official decisions that may only serve to worsen the situation.

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan (yes that is his real name) has now reportedly fired 16,000 resident doctors in Nigeria, rather than come to terms with current strikes. This comes at a time that Ebola is starting to spread into the nation, and at the same time as the Nigerian president declares a state of emergency.

Although there have not yet been more than 11 deaths in Nigeria, maintaining existing health services (as well as the training of those about to be full doctors) is critical in preventing the spread of disease. Goodluck Jonathan suspending the residency training program indefinitely is certainly a questionable step. Instead of increasing the number of those prepared to deal with the situation, he has instead decided to potentially ruin the future of 16,000 Nigerian doctors.hospitalstaffnigeria