The Bee Crisis has been an ongoing conversation between activists, farmers and ecology experts alike. What better way to help save the bees than by giving them a place to live? This post will illustrate how to build Top Bar Hives and give a few clues as to how to care for bees! If you don’t want to care for the bees then at least give them a home to keep them safe.

Save The Bees! Build A Top Bar Bee Hive! (Instructions Included) - Exposing The Truth

Building a Top Bar Hive

Top bar hives are the ultimate do-it-yourself hive for a non-commercial beekeeper.


  • can be built from almost any local building material.
  • require few construction tools or skills.
  • can be designed to fit unique beekeeper needs.
  • cost almost nothing to build.
  • can be easily modified or scrapped.

– Build a top bar hive

Keeping Bees Using the Top-bar Beekeeping Method

With growing concerns about colony collapse disorder and the resulting decline in the number of pollinators, gardeners might consider maintaining a top-bar hive of honeybees simply to increase vegetable and fruit yields through better pollination.

Top-bar beekeeping is for both urban and rural dwellers who want to keep bees on a modest scale, producing honey and beeswax.  Above all, top-bar beekeeping is for people who love bees and understand and appreciate their role in the pollination of many wild and cultivated plants.
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