Tesla's Cold Fire Explained - Exposing The Truth

One of Tesla’s more spectacular displays was to immerse a person in an electrical flame.  Tesla wrote about the stunning visual aspects of this unique, awe inspiring presentation:

The body of a person was subjected to the rapidly alternating pressure of an electrical oscillator of two and one half million volts….  [This] presents a Sight marvelous and unforgettable.One sees the experimenter standing on a mass of phosphorescent streamers, like the tentacles of a octopus. Bundles of light stick out from his spine.  As he stretches out the arms, thus forcing the electrical fluid outwardly, roaring tongues of fire leap from his fingertips.  Objects in his vicinity bristle with rays…. At each throb of the electric force, myriads of minute projectiles are shot off from him with velocities as to pass through the adjoining walls.  He is in turn being violently bombarded by the surrounding air and dust.

This electrical dry bath is called Cold Fire.  His work produced far more than just entertaining parlor tricks.  As a direct result of his work many valid therapeutic devices came about, such as diathermy.  Tesla also worked on X-rays.  His achievements were recognized with the Certificate of election as honorary Fellow of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association in 1903.  For a short time the Wardenclyffe Laboratory manufactured and sold a high frequency therapeutic oscillator to the medical community around the country.  The skin effect is a key part of electricity.  Simply stated, electricity conducts on the outside of the conductor.  The higher the frequency the more the current will go to the outside of the conductor.  The skin effect is the reason why Cold Fire (if done correctly) has no ill effects on the body.  In a 1894 New York Times article, Tesla describes the possible dangers if the voltages and or frequencies are too low:

When such a “streamer” breaks out it produces a sensation like the prickling of a needle, were the potentials, or pressures, sufficiently high, and the frequency of the vibration, or rapidity Rather low, the skin would probably be ruptured under the tremendous strain and the blood would rush out with great force in the form of a spray or jets so thin as to be invisible.
– http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/report/articles/v2n4art/fire.htm


“The other day we endeavored to repeat Dr. Tesla’s experiments, and the illustrations shown here are the result.  We called upon the Electrical Testing Laboratories of New York, who have one of the most powerful high frequency machines in the country.  Altho but a pigmy alongside of Dr. Tesla’s Colorado thunderers, the machine gives 500,000 volts and uses 20 kilowatts.  The transformer is sunk into oil, and when the full load is on throws streams six to seven feet long.  The noise of the tremendous sparks can be heard for blocks.

We first took a rabbit and placed him upon the metal plate of the “high” terminal of the transformer.  At first he was much frightened and jumped off the plate at about 5 kilowatts. Long sparks had shot out from his nose and above his eyes and at the end of the ears.  So the writer wetted the platform with water, because he thought that sparks might be jumping into the rabbit’s belly and legs which insulated the fur part of his body, giving rise to stinging sparks.  An improvement was seen immediately.  The rabbit now held perfectly still for about 20 seconds, taking the full charge of 20 kilowatts at 500,000 volts. Long spark streamers, four or five feet long, shot from brer’ rabbit’s nose, ears and back, and, curious to note, immediately above the eyes.  Here the sparks were so hot that they singed the hair. So the writer wetted the spots above the eyes, and after that the rabbit took the full charge, never moving once for twenty seconds at a time.  See Fig. 2.  Altho long streamers came principally from the nose, the photograph does not show it.  After awhile the rabbit seemed to enjoy the performance, and right after his séance he was as lively as ever, eating a big carrot at once.  He is still well and about now.”
– http://www.teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla-article-cold-fire

Washing in Cold Fire.  The future bathroom will contain neither soap nor water.  Their place, according to Dr Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, will be taken by electricity.  Dr Tesla has proved that the outcome of charging the body with millions of volts of electricity, properly applied, is far more efficacious in producing cleanliness than soap and water.

Tesla's Cold Fire Explained - Exposing The Truth

This is a picture of one of Tesla’s Cold Fire devices

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