Hi there,

If you haven’t heard, things are changing, in a big, BIG, way.

People all over the globe are taking to the streets, and demanding to be heard.

First, let’s examine the etymology of the word Democracy:

democracy Look up democracy at Dictionary.com
1570s, from M.Fr. démocratie (14c.), from M.L. democratia (13c.), from Gk. demokratia “popular government,” from demos “common people,” originally “district” (see demotic), + kratos “rule, strength” (see -cracy).

Democracy implies that the man must take the responsibility for choosing his rulers and representatives, and for the maintenance of his own ‘rights’ against the possible and probable encroachments of the government which he has sanctioned to act for him in public matters. [Ezra Pound, “ABC of Economics,” 1933

So, Democracy, one could state, is the Power of the People.

Would you call this accurate?Raised fist

What do we do to exercise our Rights and Freedoms in this alleged ‘democracy’? We vote, and for some of us, the simple act of voting is too much work.

Do you know your Rights? Have you taken the time to examine Part One of the Constitution Act, in Canada, also called the Charter of Rights? You should. We all should. It outlines the basic, inalienable Human Rights and Freedoms, which have been given to us by no one, and therefore can be taken by no one. That is, unless we allow it to happen.

Do you truly believe that you need some form of authority to tell you right from wrong?

Is it accurate to suggest that you need to be told that violence is unacceptable? That rape or paedophilia is wrong?

No. You don’t. Or at the very least you shouldn’t.

Rights and Freedoms are a huge issue. This begs the question, Can you have Rights if you don’t know what your Rights are?

The short answer is no. If you are ignorant of your Rights, how can you exercise them? How, too, can you know if these Rights are being encroached upon, or taken away?

What we need is more Direct involvement in our communities. While this may seem obvious, it’s more than just doing school or church bake sales; It means getting out there and educating people on real issues which affect everyone everywhere.

Case in point would be the #occupy(wherever you are) movement which is taking shape right before our eyes. While mainstream sources ignore the protests, the entire thing seems to be taking on a life of its own. This dissemination of information is vital to the growth and life of Direct Democracy.

Popular movements, such as the #occupy movement, are great springboards for taking action, demanding that the top heavy system be changed, and a level playing field for all people.

We, all of us,  are responsible for ensuring that Democracy exists.

Protesting and demonstrating are just a start. If a true global revolution is to materialize we need to create a standard of living which nurtures people, and puts emphasis on co-operation over competition, and an economic model which offers stability and avoids speculation. Currency with actual value, rather than fiat currency.

This system we live in, is not broken, it was designed this way. There were around 51 million Gen-Xers born (1965-1976) and around 75 million so-called Millenials (1976-1998).  That is 126 million people who are ready or almost ready to enter the work-force, take the reigns and lead the world into a new era. It is our responsibility to change things, to not be complacent, to push things in a new direction, and to take action to ensure that the problems of the past, and the problems we currently face never materialize again.

Never again shall we allow corruption and greed lead us. Corruption and greed lead us to poverty and desperation.

Commitment to direct democracy and involvement in our communities will help to heal the wounds we have incurred.