A teacher shows a better way to deal with difficult students than violence

Following the very viral video of a South Carolina sheriff throwing a non-violent student across the

Feds make first step towards hemp legalization

The United States federal government may not be ready
8 February | by Aaron Jackson

How To Convince People Of Facts They Want To Reject

This video does a good job of describing Nyhan
19 July | by Michael Thomas
European Union

What’s the problem with Bioenergy?

It’s a common assumption that bioenergy is a new
21 May | by Aaron Jackson

When did the organic movement become anti-gmo?

The roots of the organic movement lay in the hope of using fewer pesticides and reducing

6 Things Everyone Should Understand About The Ebola Crisis

Everywhere we see news about the Ebola situation: on
10 August | by Michael Thomas

Why Water Is Important To You

Water, making up approximately 60% of our weight and
4 April | by Michael Thomas

Never before seen photos show how the Fukushima Exclusion Zone was swallowed by nature

Polish photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski recently travelled to the site
16 October | by Aaron Jackson

What are the 5 best places for off-grid living?

28 February | by Jason Ribbons
Who doesn’t dream of living with nature, supporting yourself and living off the land? It feels like almost everybody wishes for it, but almost no

Obama And The Future of Net Neutrality

In early November, Obama publically announced his suggestion for the

Solving Hunger With Food Waste – The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army is a New Delhi, India,

Looking To Scandinavia For Solutions

Of course, the Scandinavian countries are not perfect: crime