A teacher shows a better way to deal with difficult students than violence

Following the very viral video of a South Carolina sheriff throwing a non-violent student across the

12 Things Every Activist Should Know

There are a lot more than 12 things that
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European Union

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It’s a common assumption that bioenergy is a new
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Your Emotions Can Be Recorded Via Your Keyboard…

A new study by researchers at the Islamic University
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Chief EU Scientist Urges GMO “Rethink”

Studies linking genetically modified crops with adverse effects on the environment or animal health are based

Italian Scientists May Have Illegally Sold Dangerous Viruses

A 10 year Italian police investigation, involving wiretapping and the surveillance of
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The shocking truth about what doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

The problem here is pervasive throughout the world of
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Why Sanity In Your Old Age May Depend On Vitamin D

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No More Backyard Chickens Or Small Farmers Allowed in Michigan?

9 May | by Aaron Jackson
Due to a new ruling from Michigan’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development, residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own

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US border patrol agents encountered approximately 19,500 unaccompanied children

Does conventional law-and-order help native communities?

In Canada and beyond, native (first nation) peoples have

How the police lost public trust, and how to fix the system

Police in the United States are famous worldwide for their