Plastic Is Actually Pretty Scary: BPA-Free Means Nothing

Recently, the health effects of certain plastics, specifically BPA (Bisphenol A), have come to light in

How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 4 – Dissociative Identity Disorder

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. –
19 May | by Janina Ottma
Mental Health

Watch a citizen de-escalate a situation and get arrested as cops prepare to shoot

In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a
7 November | by Jason Ribbons

Stem Cells and Eternal Life

Stem cells will likely play a central role in
28 October | by Michael Thomas

Chicken Virus Kills Prostate Cancer

Scientists have found a new way to target and kill human prostate cancer by genetically

Several States Confirm Water Pollution From Fracking

As the fracking debate and ongoing protests continue in
12 February | by M Caulfield

Ebola Vaccine Going Live In Mali

The “anti-Ebola vaccine” has moved from animal trials in
11 October | by Michael Thomas

This Infographic Ends The Vaccine-Autism Debate

This graphic speaks for itself and cites its sources,
28 June | by Michael Thomas

More than 100 Killed In 4 Days In Gaza As Fighting Continues

12 July | by Katharine J. Tobal
As brutal rocket fire exchange is going on between Israeli armed forces and Palestinian resistance groups on the fourth day of “Operation Protective Edge”,

The Automated Surveillance State

With the shocking nature of the PRISM and other

Why Do I Care?

When we talk about things like human survival or

New Head of FBI Links to Banking and Arms Industry

The U.S. Senate confirmed James B. Comey Jr. to