First New Antibiotic in 25 Years: Super Effective

Antibacterial compounds have been used to help humans overcome otherwise difficult bacteria since 1928, when Alexander

Urban Homesteading and Self-Sufficient Health

With the increasing concern for our health, and ever-expanding
1 September | by M Caulfield

Over Unity LED Light a Reality

MIT researchers have created an "over-unity" LED that absorbs
1 July | by Asura

Did Ford invent hemp cars which run on hemp fuel?

Even though you probably never heard about it and
6 September | by Michael Thomas

10 Gender Norms We Need To Change

There is a degree of embedded sexism in the expectations we have, and stories we tell,

Plans To Shut Down California Medical Marijuana Stores In Progress

The Justice Department has announced plans to crackdown on
8 October | by Aaron Jackson

Too Much Caffeine Can Slow Brain Development

These days, caffeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive
26 September | by M Caulfield

Prions: the new incurable infection from meat and your DNA that makes you insane

Most of the time, mental illness and neurodegenerative diseases
27 January | by Michael Thomas

Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal to Get Saudi Arabia on UN Human Rights Council

6 October | by Han Gregory
Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council, leaked diplomatic cables have revealed the UK was a key player

13 Signs To Identify A Psychopath

What most people know about psychopaths, or sociopaths, stems

YouTube Empowers Agencies To Shut Down Activist Accounts

It was recently announced that Google, YouTube’s parent company,

Unreleased CCTV Video shows Michael Hastings car explode in a fireball before crashing

Michael Hastings was a journalist who died in a