France forcing supermarkets to give away leftover food

In the footsteps of a new law mandating commercial buildings to carry green roofs (covered in

Prions: the new incurable infection from meat and your DNA that makes you insane

Most of the time, mental illness and neurodegenerative diseases
27 January | by Michael Thomas

Looking To Scandinavia For Solutions

Of course, the Scandinavian countries are not perfect: crime
26 August | by Michael Thomas

How We Can Stop Malaria In Its Tracks

Malaria leads to the death of over 550,000 children every year;
10 December | by Michael Thomas

Why We Should Talk More Openly About Mental Health Issues

Over the past month, I talked with people affected by mental illnesses. Some of the things

123 Studies Show Cannabis Can Help Cure Cancer

This article is a far more detailed version of
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The Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana

More than 70% of Americans are in favor of
30 September | by Katharine J. Tobal

10 Historically Awful Diseases You Didn’t Realize Could Still Kill You

We live in a modern world full of reasonably
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5 news stories you probably missed this week

11 July | by Michael Thomas
This week was a busy week in the news, but if you weren’t paying close attention you could have easily missed some of the

Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Pedophile

The Beastie Boys once sang (sic): “If I played

Why China “Needs” To Hold Tibet

Oftentimes China is discussed in terms of economic growth

The Most Disturbing Human Experiments In The Last 100 Years

Human experiments have been around since there were scientists, although