When did the organic movement become anti-gmo?

The roots of the organic movement lay in the hope of using fewer pesticides and reducing

Neil de Grasse Tyson Shares The Most Important Fact Of Our Lives

You and I, much like our planet and even
29 January | by Han Gregory

Pope Francis Agrees With Evolution, And For A Good Reason

Pope Francis, speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences,
29 October | by Michael Thomas

Occupy Tesla For Organic Farms

Organizations and movements looking to create change sometimes find
2 June | by Asura

Nestle being sued for $100 million for high levels of lead in food

The Indian government has announced that it is suing mega corporation Nestle over claims it deceptively allowed

Why We Should Talk More Openly About Mental Health Issues

Over the past month, I talked with people affected
3 June | by Janina Ottma

Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the
15 October | by Michael Thomas

Everything you really need to know about WiFi and cellphones

Before a danger is recognized in the public sphere,
1 December | by Michael Thomas

Man jailed for $5 theft found dead in cell

29 August | by Jason Ribbons
In yet another strange case where a person has died of “natural causes” (or suicide) while in police custody, Jamycheal Mitchell was found dead

NBC Removed Its Reporter After He Saw Israel Murdering Kids

After witnessing the killing of four Palestinian boys of the same

Antidepressants May Worsen Depression And Psychological Problems

A new study by the University of Liverpool, involving