How To Convince People Of Facts They Want To Reject

This video does a good job of describing Nyhan et al’s 2011 Dartmouth study into cognitive

Did Ford invent hemp cars which run on hemp fuel?

Even though you probably never heard about it and
6 September | by Michael Thomas

Everything You Eat Is Conscious

David Chalmers discusses the meaning of consciousness, remarking that
15 August | by Michael Thomas

U.S. is #4 in “development” but only #24 in “sustainable development”

The UN’s famous Human Development Index (HDI) is a little
21 October | by Michael Thomas

This Is What Looking Down at Your Cell Phone Does to Your Spine

Our cell phones and tablets have transformed the way we hold our bodies—and not for the

How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 5 – Depression

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2016), EXPOSING THE
25 May | by Janina Ottma

How Much Water Do We Really Have?

Even though few of us in the “civilized” world
21 July | by Michael Thomas

How Does Your Experience Affect Your DNA?

Since Gregor Mendel’s famous experiments crossing literally tens of
18 April | by Michael Thomas

Plans To Shut Down California Medical Marijuana Stores In Progress

8 October | by Aaron Jackson
The Justice Department has announced plans to crackdown on the medical marijuana industry in California, despite a voter-approved initiative to legalize it.

Cop shoots unarmed man 2 times in back: cleared of charges

David Kassick can be seen struggling on the ground

We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years

An explanation for the use of a false map,

Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of Chernobyl 2.0?

As promising reports filter out of Ukraine that Chinese