Salt-water lamp turns salty water into electricity

The Sustainable Alternative Lighting project, otherwise known as SALt, has developed a salt-water lamp that runs

10 Historically Awful Diseases You Didn’t Realize Could Still Kill You

We live in a modern world full of reasonably
15 February | by Katharine J. Tobal

How Magic Mushrooms & LSD Help People

“Magic mushrooms” are simply mushrooms which contain the active
15 September | by Michael Thomas

Dinner With Monsanto

Go on, type in ‘Monsanto’ on any search engine
26 February | by Michael Thomas

13 shocking pictures showing how we used to ‘treat’ the mentally ill

People with psychiatric problems were not always considered fully human: even within the last 100 years

Why Do People Want To Blame Victims?

Whether we are talking about physical, sexual, or emotional
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Understanding Trauma – Part II: Psychological After-Effects and PTSD

Possibly most of the readers of this text will
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We need to talk about supplements, lobbying, and Dr.Oz

Hundreds of millions of people consume supplements, and some
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Petroperu Poisoning The Amazon, Paying Kids To Clean Up

3 August | by Michael Thomas
The headline might sound dramatic, but the actual situation is a worse than I could fit in such a small space. Petroperu managed to

The completely free, safe, 99.6% effective way to avoid pregnancy

I was recently discussing birth control with friends of

13 Signs To Identify A Psychopath

What most people know about psychopaths, or sociopaths, stems