Why “Natural” Means Next To Nothing

There is a variety of false advertising within the market today, with the desperate attempt of

Becoming Sterile By Handling Your Receipts?

BPA, the most famous carcinogenic plastic, is routinely used
23 October | by Michael Thomas

You Will Soon Be Growing Your Own Electricity

Research has been underway to harness the power of
19 January | by Michael Thomas

UV and Slow Water Filtration for the Homesteader

UV Water Filtration systems are used with other filtration
2 July | by Asura

Beyond ‘romance’ of organics: 6 ignored sustainable practices organic proponents should embrace

Almost any farmer or consumer could agree on the following ideals for our agricultural system: “Farming

Power of the Mind: What You Think Shapes What You See

Our thoughts come together to give us perspectives and
3 September | by M Caulfield

In what size do women feel most comfortable and attractive?

The short answer is, according to the most recent
4 March | by Michael Thomas

Subway To Remove Plastic-Based Ingredient From Bread

Subway has bowed to public pressure and criticism over
9 February | by M Caulfield

Why Do I Care?

5 July | by Michael Thomas
When we talk about things like human survival or even the corruption of our states and institutions, the question which I think many people

Government-Approved Speech

You heard it repeatedly as a child; “sticks and

This Poetic Call To Humanity Brightened My Day

So here I am Standing alone in the open
Human Rights

3 Massacres Committed by Israel in Less Than A Week

More than 630 deaths have been recorded so far,