Acupuncture Isn’t Really Medicine

Poorly done acupuncture studies are published every week, so I can’t write about every one that

Space Travel Could Become Impossible In The Future – Unless We Clean It Up

A few weeks ago, I was simply browsing through
29 April | by Kevin Webster

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

The Mongolian government has vastly overhauled the energy structure of
6 October | by Han Gregory

9 Real Issues Wrongly Attributed to GMOs

When discussing and writing about GMOs, many arguments are
18 June | by Jason Ribbons

Did Dr.Robert Gallo Create HIV/AIDS?

A site run by a friendly and reasonably honest woman I know recently reposted a text titled “The

Where allergies don’t, and probably do, come from

Allergies are frequently misunderstood, and that’s saying a lot
7 June | by Michael Thomas

Fixing the online search-disinformation machine

To illustrate how broken our online search system has
17 January | by Michael Thomas

The shocking truth about what doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

The problem here is pervasive throughout the world of
23 October | by Michael Thomas

Why This World Should End

11 September | by Infovideos
I started to sum up what St.Louis rapper (known as “Prince Ea“) says in this video before I realized that he already expresses it

Philosophy, Reason and Enlightenment Through Critical Thinking: A Review

Philosophy opens our minds, pushes us to reason, question

Capitalism or Corporatism?

The United States is built upon an economic system

Do Yourself A Favor: Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can contribute to many health problems such