How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 2 – Anorexia

To many, mental health issues are still a taboo subject. As it is Mental Health Awareness

How Contagious Is Ebola, Actually?

This image displays how infectious various diseases are: putting
4 October | by Michael Thomas

Why Do I Care?

When we talk about things like human survival or
5 July | by Michael Thomas

Renewed Interest In Solar Energy

Conventional sources of energy have wreaked havoc on the
15 September | by M Caulfield

10 Facts About Being Homeless In The USA

1.  Over half a million people are homeless On any given night, there are over 600,000

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Humanity

The fact is, there are actually a lot more
16 March | by Michael Thomas

Palm oil’s in everything and everywhere, and it’s destroying Asia’s rainforests

Palm oil has become an almost ubiquitous replacement for
26 July | by Michael Thomas

Electricity and Drinking Water From Chemical Reaction Between Salt Water and Aluminum?

The potable water could be produced for about $1
27 July | by Asura

Drug War Failure: Cocaine Found in UK Tap Water

12 May | by M Caulfield
Cocaine use is so prevalent throughout the UK that it has even been found in the tap water. Inspections of tap water at four
Bradley Manning

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify

A Mockery of Justice: The Trayvon Martin case (An Open Letter to President Obama)

Below is the statement issued by President Obama: The
Human Rights

3 Massacres Committed by Israel in Less Than A Week

More than 630 deaths have been recorded so far,