123 Studies Show Cannabis Can Help Cure Cancer

This article is a far more detailed version of a smaller collection of studies showing the medicinal

Mainstream Media Turns Heads Toward Biochar!

Ecologists, permaculture experts and large organizations alike have been
29 July | by Asura

When did the organic movement become anti-gmo?

The roots of the organic movement lay in the
31 January | by Michael Thomas

14 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Love

Love is something I have occupied myself with since
14 February | by Michael Thomas
Mental Health

Why do some sane people have such wacky beliefs?

An analysis of everything from views on climate change to perceptions of risks from GMOs or vaccines

Robotic Surgery A Good Idea?

Robotic surgery has been around since the late 1990s,
11 February | by Infovideos

Chicken Virus Kills Prostate Cancer

Scientists have found a new way to target and
10 April | by Aaron Jackson

See The Human Cost Of Your iPhone… It Will Shock You

We’d like to think slavery is in the past,
21 May | by Aaron Jackson

Cop shoots unarmed man 2 times in back: cleared of charges

7 November | by Jason Ribbons
David Kassick can be seen struggling on the ground on his belly, writhing in pain for the taser. Hummelstown police officer Mearkle continues to

Victory: Ag-gag law struck down in Idaho…14 more states to go

Agricultural gag laws, also known as ag-gag, are designed

15 Photos From The Massive ‘Moral March’ You Didn’t Hear About This Weekend

Somewhere between 80,000 to 100,000 people from 32 states turned out to protest

Children See Children Do

NAPCAN, Australia’s National Association for the Prevention of Child