First-Ever Known Video of ‘Devil of The Sea’ Captured

Researchers in California have succeed to capture first-ever video of a rarely-seen animal in its natural

Enigmas of Science: How did the Brain evolve?

Tracing back the evolutionary history of something is much
27 June | by Kevin Webster

$25 Device Can Test For Parasites, Heavy Metals And More

A new handheld all-purpose detector, compatible with any internet-accessible
5 August | by Michael Thomas

Looking To Scandinavia For Solutions

Of course, the Scandinavian countries are not perfect: crime
26 August | by Michael Thomas

Color Changing Nail-Polish Against Date-Rape Drugs

Four male undergrad students at North Carolina University have developed a new idea designed to help women

Plant Propagation Techniques

Plant Propagation techniques may be described as cloning your
20 July | by Asura

Synthetic Vs Natural Vitamins: What’s The Difference?

The debate about the use (or danger) of synthetic
2 August | by Michael Thomas

Ohio Plans To Drug Test Students, Hides Conflict Of Interest

A Massachusetts based medical company hopes to expand its
5 May | by Aaron Jackson

The Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana

30 September | by Katharine J. Tobal
More than 70% of Americans are in favor of medical marijuana, and this rate has been increasing every year. This trend is reinforced because

A Giant Fire In Chile Burned Down 1/4 Of The City And They Need Help

Just a few short weeks after an earthquake hit

How to Disappear On The Internet

Social media has made almost everyone’s life an open book

Beyond militarization: what tomorrow’s police need to look like

The militarization of the U.S. police forces, subsidized by