The completely free, safe, 99.6% effective way to avoid pregnancy

I was recently discussing birth control with friends of mine, about the various costs and advantages

Can The Life System Survive?

People often speak about nature in the context of
31 March | by Michael Thomas

Power of the Mind: What You Think Shapes What You See

Our thoughts come together to give us perspectives and
3 September | by M Caulfield

Are E-Cigs Any Safer Than Cigarettes?

Smoking has been one of humanity’s unhealthy fixations for
30 November | by Han Gregory

UV and Slow Water Filtration for the Homesteader

UV Water Filtration systems are used with other filtration methods as a step that deactivates the

TTIP Will Allow Corporations To Sue Governments, Reduce Regulation

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a
18 January | by M Caulfield

Massive Methane Leak Spewing 50,000Kg/h For Months, No End In Sight

The methane stream that has been spewing for months
31 December | by Jason Ribbons

Building Tiny Homes For The Homeless

Homelessness is a growing problem in the United States,
1 January | by M Caulfield

Guardian UK Removes NSA Scoop (but we found it again)

30 June | by clearsteam
A Guardian article titled Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America was taken down for investigation but we have it

38 Spectacular Microscope Photographs

Life is a real miracle, for us as well as
Human Rights

Baltimore Teenagers Worse Off Than Those in Nigeria!

The health and well-being of poor teenagers from many

3rd Grader Raises Over $25,000 To Fund School Lunches

8-year-old Cayden Taipalus, a 3rd grade student at Howell