Growing Popularity And Decreasing Cost Of 3D Printers

Three-dimensional printing has been around since the late 80s, but it has gained popularity as of

Renewable Energy Now Cheaper Than Fossil Fuel

Renewable energy is becoming more and more competitive. Alternative
24 September | by M Caulfield

World’s first ocean cleaning system will be deployed in 2016

It is estimated that the majority of the world’s
31 October | by Jason Ribbons

Nigeria Now Free of Ebola: Not A Miracle

Nigeria, the west African industrial powerhouse with a population
21 October | by Michael Thomas

Speculation Versus Fact: Syria

“Even the lowest whisper can be heard over armies when it’s telling the truth” With the

Acupuncture Isn’t Really Medicine

Poorly done acupuncture studies are published every week, so
17 December | by Han Gregory

Death Squads Around The World

Death squads are a reality that currently exist currently in
29 May | by M Caulfield

Afghan Opium Production Reaches All Time High

It has been over a decade since the United
17 November | by M Caulfield

New Study Suggests Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

29 March | by M Caulfield
A new study which looked at the relationship between cannabis legalization and crime, conducted by the UT Dallas, has concluded that there is no

More than 100 Killed In 4 Days In Gaza As Fighting Continues

As brutal rocket fire exchange is going on between
Bradley Manning

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify

Solving Hunger With Food Waste – The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood Army is a New Delhi, India,