The Strongest Yet Least Spoken Argument for Vegetarianism

Somewhere between 5-6% of Americans are vegetarians (according to a 2012 Gallup pole) and 8-10% of Germans identify

How Does Your Experience Affect Your DNA?

Since Gregor Mendel’s famous experiments crossing literally tens of
18 April | by Michael Thomas

Why did this f*cking dress go so viral?

This dress went viral, internationally, with everyone from BusinessInsider
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US Passes Bill To Silence Scientific Experts

You would think that scientists who have worked on
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Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the globe in its entirety and even threatening

The Truth About The Paracas Skulls

There have been multiple articles, videos, radio shows and
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US Doctors Are Increasingly “Self-Referring” Patients For Profit

According to a study by Brown University based on
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Hair Graft: What Is It, And What Are Its Benefits?

Thinning hair becomes more common as men and women
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Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Pedophile

3 October | by Mickey Z
The Beastie Boys once sang (sic): “If I played guitar I’d be Jimmy Page/The girlies I like are underage.” As far as I know,

Finally: list of 80 people with as much money as 1/2 of humanity

Since the “financial repression,” the most powerful people have

Debunking: A Truth-Seeker’s Best Friend

The irony of much of the online “truth” movement

Will Putin gift Edward Snowden to Trump to strengthen their relationship?

Recent reports have been circulating that Vladimir Putin is