Homosexuality Is Natural

It's often argued that homosexuality is not normal or natural, however that is a misconception based

Roundup: The Real Reason Americans Are Intolerant To Wheat?

A lot of people in the United States claim
19 November | by Michael Thomas
Self Improvement

What makes a man a “real man”?

We are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of models
31 August | by Janina Ottma

Why did this f*cking dress go so viral?

This dress went viral, internationally, with everyone from BusinessInsider
1 March | by Michael Thomas

How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 3 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

May 2016 is Mental Health Awareness Month in the USA. For this reason, and to raise

Do Yourself A Favor: Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can contribute to many health problems such
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Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Finally Revealed

With a drug war against marijuana still raging in
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Naturophile Mother: “I gave my kid autism”

I gave my child autism. It wasn’t because of
22 March | by Han Gregory

A Town In Minnesota Made A Dog Their Mayor

13 September | by Infovideos
Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A small Minnesota town seriously made a 7-year-old dog their mayor. Duke the dog was initially

PlaceRaider Visual Malware Turns Smart Phones into Spy Equipment

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center has created an

How to Disappear On The Internet

Social media has made almost everyone’s life an open book

4 Pictures To See How Google Is Tracking You & How You Can Influence It

It’s no secret that Google collects user data, and