First New Antibiotic in 25 Years: Super Effective

Antibacterial compounds have been used to help humans overcome otherwise difficult bacteria since 1928, when Alexander

Human Head Transplant Now Theoretically Possible

Since the 1960s and 1970s, doctors and neurosurgeons have
18 August | by Michael Thomas

Why GMOs Are Not Your Enemy

There is a strong public opposition to genetically modification,
5 December | by Michael Thomas

Electricity and Drinking Water From Chemical Reaction Between Salt Water and Aluminum?

The potable water could be produced for about $1
27 July | by Asura

Chief EU Scientist Urges GMO “Rethink”

Studies linking genetically modified crops with adverse effects on the environment or animal health are based

Millions Post About Mandatory Microchips

The Top Information Post website recently published a fearmongering
24 January | by Aaron Jackson

New study explains why white people deny their privilege

Life doesn’t treat us all equally, no matter how
18 July | by Michael Thomas

Recognizing And Stopping Domestic Abuse (Trigger Warning)

“He reached across the kitchen table, choked me and
27 August | by Janina Ottma

New Law Allows Weaponized Police Drones

28 August | by Aaron Jackson
It’s now legal for police in North Dakota to fly armed drones with tasers, tear gas, rubber bullets, sound cannons, and pepper spray thanks to

Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of Chernobyl 2.0?

As promising reports filter out of Ukraine that Chinese

Victory: Ag-gag law struck down in Idaho…14 more states to go

Agricultural gag laws, also known as ag-gag, are designed