The largest crop in America needs a rethink

Contrary to what you might have heard, the most commonly grown crop in the United States
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Mammoth toxic algae bloom growing off the West Coast

One of the biggest toxic algae blooms in recent history
18 June | by Michael Thomas

3D Printing Takes The World By Storm

Personal 3D Printing is changing the way society produces
27 July | by Asura

Talking About (Trans)Gender Identity

According to statistics published by the Transgender Violence Tracking
21 February | by Janina Ottma

We need to talk about supplements, lobbying, and Dr.Oz

Hundreds of millions of people consume supplements, and some experts in related (like the late Linus
Animal Rights

New Science Says Your Dog Can Understand You

A new study published in the journal Cell, by Victoria
27 November | by Michael Thomas

Plants Grown With LED PAR Light Are Healthier?

Non LED grow lights are obsolete for growth, learn
18 March | by Asura

Baltimore schools giving all kids free breakfast and lunch

Since the beginning of June, every student in the
5 June | by Jason Ribbons

How Does MSG Impact Your Health?

18 July | by Michael Thomas
The short answer is: MSG is bad for you. Still, you can forgive some for not yet knowing this as the evidence of the negative

Capitalism or Corporatism?

The United States is built upon an economic system
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5 news stories you probably missed this week

This week was a busy week in the news,

5 things everyone should know about pesticides

Not all chemicals are equal, and neither are all