We Are Heating The Planet With 4 Hiroshima Bombs Per Second

Most of us understand that the planet is warming, and that even though antarctic ice is

Only 1 year of water left in California, NASA scientist suggests rationing

  NASA’s top water scientist says California only has
15 March | by Han Gregory

France forcing supermarkets to give away leftover food

In the footsteps of a new law mandating commercial
24 May | by Michael Thomas

8 “Animal Facts” That Are Actually Wrong

If written or spread early enough, and not investigated,
16 May | by Michael Thomas

What’s Behind The Child Migration Crisis In The US?

US border patrol agents encountered approximately 19,500 unaccompanied children crossing the US border in the fiscal year

Bayer deliberately infected asians and latinos with HIV

I actually thought this was pretty common knowledge, until
1 March | by Michael Thomas

Salt Water Potatoes Will Revolutionize Farming

Salt water is famed for its abundance, but also
14 January | by Han Gregory

How our view of mental health has, and will, change

From an “imbalance of the humors” requiring leeches to
25 September | by Michael Thomas

In Celebration of the Human Worth: In Defense of the Disabled

We must teach the young to renounce unpardonable discrimination, myopic stereotyping and branding the disabled as abnormal. by Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Diplomatic moves pave the way for Easter “Surprise” for Iran

Inspirational speech, a long delayed apology and a Passover

They’re Trying To Divide Us! Will You Let Them?

Unity among people is a concept that many people

6 things everyone needs to know about sex and consent

1. “The basis of sexual relationships are respect, equality