Building The Future From Home

The future of technology may be open-source and designed/created at home. The newest evidence of this

5 reasons people are starving and dying of thirst in the 3rd world

If you look at the uninformed narrative, it would
12 April | by Michael Thomas

Self-healing concrete will revolutionize building

Although concrete is the most used building material in
22 May | by Michael Thomas

How Magic Mushrooms & LSD Help People

“Magic mushrooms” are simply mushrooms which contain the active
15 September | by Michael Thomas

The Bacteria You Need

We all know that we, each of us, and every living thing we know, is made

Debunking: A Truth-Seeker’s Best Friend

The irony of much of the online “truth” movement
18 October | by Michael Thomas

How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 5 – Depression

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2016), EXPOSING THE
25 May | by Janina Ottma
Mental Health

Watch a citizen de-escalate a situation and get arrested as cops prepare to shoot

In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a
7 November | by Jason Ribbons

How Can We Solve Society’s Pedophile Problem?

26 October | by Michael Thomas
There are a lot of voices that protest that all pedophiles are monsters, subhuman, or not worthy of life. But, isn’t this position forgetting

Plans To Shut Down California Medical Marijuana Stores In Progress

The Justice Department has announced plans to crackdown on

The easiest thing I did today was change the lives of 279 children

Many of us like the idea of money from

New study explains why white people deny their privilege

Life doesn’t treat us all equally, no matter how