Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the globe in its entirety and even threatening

Climatic Dissonance

Why do people not only deny facts, but feel
11 May | by Michael Thomas

How You Use Quantum Physics To Reach Absolute Zero (Nearly)

This brief presentation, by Professor Andrea Morello, awarded the
7 February | by Infovideos

Contrails – Countering the fear-porn of Chemtrails

The Chemtrail Theory Given that we, as a society
27 March | by Asura

Chicken Virus Kills Prostate Cancer

Scientists have found a new way to target and kill human prostate cancer by genetically

An Alternative To Conventional Farming: Aquaponics

With the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural
31 October | by M Caulfield

How our view of mental health has, and will, change

From an “imbalance of the humors” requiring leeches to
25 September | by Michael Thomas
Mental Health

Watch a citizen de-escalate a situation and get arrested as cops prepare to shoot

In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a
7 November | by Jason Ribbons

9 Real Issues Wrongly Attributed to GMOs

18 June | by Jason Ribbons
When discussing and writing about GMOs, many arguments are put forth on why they are “bad” and should be avoided. However, many of these

World Cup Protests Escalate: Police Attack Subway Workers

Various individuals and groups have been protesting throughout Brazil over

Using Babies’ Faces to Reduce Crime?

A host of conventional measures have been used in

Questions Abound Over FBI Killing of Man Linked To Boston Bomber

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has yet to