How To Convince People Of Facts They Want To Reject

This video does a good job of describing Nyhan et al’s 2011 Dartmouth study into cognitive

The Strongest Yet Least Spoken Argument for Vegetarianism

Somewhere between 5-6% of Americans are vegetarians (according to a
18 January | by Michael Thomas

Why You Should Hunt Through Your Coins

When most people are out spending money, they might
9 November | by M Caulfield

Foreign Aid: Does It Really Help The People?

It is common to hear celebrities and politicians talk
24 December | by M Caulfield

How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 5 – Depression

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2016), EXPOSING THE TRUTH publishes an interview series to let
Mental Health

Why do some sane people have such wacky beliefs?

An analysis of everything from views on climate change to
28 January | by Michael Thomas

Tesla’s Cold Fire Explained

This electrical dry bath is called Cold Fire. Tesla's
1 July | by Asura

Roundup: The Real Reason Americans Are Intolerant To Wheat?

A lot of people in the United States claim
19 November | by Michael Thomas

Watch a citizen de-escalate a situation and get arrested as cops prepare to shoot

7 November | by Jason Ribbons
In the scene above, police were actively pursuing a driver fleeing at reasonably slow speeds. As the situation continues into more highly packed areas,
Animal Rights

A Town In Minnesota Made A Dog Their Mayor

Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A

Mexican Self-Defense Groups Legalized After Arresting Top Drug Cartel Leader

Mexico has been experiencing an ongoing violent drug war

Judges Exposed In “Kids for Cash” Scandal

In February of this year, director Robert May released