Anti-GMO activists interrupt conference and destroy seedlings

Recently, 300 people occupied the meeting of the Brazil National Biosafety Technical Commission (CTNBio) in Brasilia,

Occupy Tesla For Organic Farms

Organizations and movements looking to create change sometimes find
2 June | by Asura

6 Things Everyone Should Understand About The Ebola Crisis

Everywhere we see news about the Ebola situation: on
10 August | by Michael Thomas

France forcing supermarkets to give away leftover food

In the footsteps of a new law mandating commercial
24 May | by Michael Thomas

We need to talk about supplements, lobbying, and Dr.Oz

Hundreds of millions of people consume supplements, and some experts in related (like the late Linus

What Happens When You Quit Smoking – Immediate And Long Term Benefits

While many people may not know everything smoking can
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How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 5 – Depression

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2016), EXPOSING THE
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European Union

What’s the problem with Bioenergy?

It’s a common assumption that bioenergy is a new
21 May | by Aaron Jackson

Snowden’s ‘CitizenFour’ Wins Top Documentary Award

9 December | by Katharine J. Tobal
“CitizenFour,” a documentary about Edward Snowden and NSA spying, has won the International Documentary Association top award for best feature, after it was named

A Massive Problem With Education In USA, Explained By A Teacher

Citizens of the United States have remained patient in

FDA Silence And Censoring Costs Lives And Money

The Food And Drug Administration is in charge of

1.7 Million Children Dead In Environmental Disaster

1.7 million children have tragically died in one of