6 Things Everyone Should Understand About The Ebola Crisis

Everywhere we see news about the Ebola situation: on Friday, August 8th, the World Health Organization declared

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I’m a big tech guy, and I love the
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10 Psychology Myths Debunked

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How Does It Feel to Live With… Part: 3 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

May 2016 is Mental Health Awareness Month in the USA. For this reason, and to raise

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There have been multiple articles, videos, radio shows and
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Brothel Offers Robot Virginity For $10,000 Sparking Consent Debate

Sex robots may not be an everyday talking point,
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This Map Shows The Most Deadly Disease In Every Nation

The information in these maps is depending on facts
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Nelson Mandela’s Legacy, Obama’s Hypocrisy and the Courage of the Whistleblowers

What would be Mandela's take on the issue of those so-called terrorists undergoing massive hunger strike at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay

Why China “Needs” To Hold Tibet

Oftentimes China is discussed in terms of economic growth
Child Services

How Can We Solve Society’s Pedophile Problem?

There are a lot of voices that protest that

Immortal Love: Skeletons Found Still Holding Hands After 700 Years

Two skeletons of a male and female have been