Humans, much like all primates, are hardwired to be able to feel empathy for fellow living creatures. We are built to be kind. Through mirror neurons, your pain and your suffering can become mine. Even among chimpanzees, the mark of success is not to have a lot but to be able to give a lot. As Michael Thomas explains in his text about love: the essence of love is giving and understanding, and none is so poor as someone who does not have enough to give.

We are hardwired for the capacity to feel with and understand both our fellow humans and even other animals. Of course, there are a small minority of humans who lack or have a reduced capacity to experience this on an emotional level, but empathy is something accessible to each of us to some degree or another. Since even autistic children have normal mirror neurons, and psychopathy have the capacity to turn on empathy, this is a skill that we all have to some degree or another.