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How the police lost public trust, and how to fix the system

Police in the United States are famous worldwide for their aggressive tactics (along with their use of “asset forfeiture” to increase revenue). We are confronted on a weekly basis with cellphone videos and stories of shootings, abuse, and deaths at the hands of police, involving primarily

9 Real Issues Wrongly Attributed to GMOs

When discussing and writing about GMOs, many arguments are put forth on why they are “bad” and should be avoided. However, many of these are not about GMOs, but rather, are issues that we’re facing in modern agriculture and in our economy. In this

Where allergies don’t, and probably do, come from

Allergies are frequently misunderstood, and that’s saying a lot since science doesn’t even fully understand them. But, what we do understand allows us to expose quackery and help steer our ship or knowledge towards the right answer. We’ll start with an interesting correlation: children

7 reasons I don’t trust Seralini or his study

When I was younger, I used to think the Seralini study had something worth saying. The fact that he didn’t actually release the raw data at the beginning seemed unimportant, and I saw reason to at least consider what he found. After reading more

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered

The common perception about drug addiction, or about the cause of addiction in general, is that people get addicted to drugs because the drugs are addictive and trick their body into thinking it needs them. This may, or may not, be supplemented with a

5 things everyone should know about pesticides

Not all chemicals are equal, and neither are all pesticides. As in most areas, many people are misinformed by vague polarizing texts that frequently talk about “toxic” chemicals without stating the dose. There are things you need to know about pesticides, and I did my

FDA Silence And Censoring Costs Lives And Money

The Food And Drug Administration is in charge of inspecting the safety of, as the name implies, food and drugs, in the United States. It’s no secret that they routine find and internally expose bad science and dangerous pharmaceuticals, but it goes all too

“Totally Innocent” Man Shot Dead By NYPD: “Just An Accident”

A rookie NYPD officer “accidentally” shot and killed an unarmed African-American man in a staircase in a New York apartment block. It happened as Ferguson is tensely waiting for a grand jury decision on a police officer who shot Michael Brown. Akai Gurley, 28,

Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Finally Revealed

With a drug war against marijuana still raging in more countries than not, the question of how long-term marijuana use effects the human brain is a pivotal question in its legalization.  Although alcohol remains legal despite heaps of evidence to the dangers of long-term

Debunking: A Truth-Seeker’s Best Friend

The irony of much of the online “truth” movement is that many of them consider truth to be whatever they agree with. Whether this means relying on “mother’s intuition” or some unnamed source quoting unnamed studies carried out by unnamed scientists, is of miniscule