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Marijuana Criminalization Under Attack in Congress

Earl Blumenhauer gets annoyed by “Drug Czar” Boticelli’s inability to state whether marijuana was actually harmful, or if anyone had ever died from it. He rightfully questions if criminalization is really the answer. Although not explicitly stated in the clip: cannabis has many industrial

Everything you really need to know about WiFi and cellphones

Before a danger is recognized in the public sphere, regardless of what science has to say, most will continue to argue in defense of the poisons they consume most often. Before the age of science, the best known example is probably the use of

The Bacteria You Need

We all know that we, each of us, and every living thing we know, is made up of cells. We are informed of the risks of cancer and diabetes through maladapted diet and habits, and the risks to our fertility through many plastics. What

Plastic Is Actually Pretty Scary: BPA-Free Means Nothing

Recently, the health effects of certain plastics, specifically BPA (Bisphenol A), have come to light in the media. BPA is actually one of a group of chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors” or “xenohormones”, which mimic molecules normally used in cell signaling. This means that

Real Risks, And Real Benefits, Of Vaccines

New techniques may enable us to perfect the art of vaccination, but only if we are willing to listen to the science and keep digging for answers.

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy, Obama’s Hypocrisy and the Courage of the Whistleblowers

What would be Mandela's take on the issue of those so-called terrorists undergoing massive hunger strike at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay

PlaceRaider Visual Malware Turns Smart Phones into Spy Equipment

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center has created an Android app (PlaceRaider) that secretly records your environment and reconstructs it as a 3D model.

How to Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water!

Ways to Remove Fluoride and other chemicals from Water

In Defense of the Mask

Are they afraid of the Power of the Mask? Or are they afraid of the Power of the People?

The Truth about GMOs

One of the hottest and most controversial issues in the world today is genetic engineering (GMOs) with protests against Monsanto in May in over 400 cities.