Earl Blumenhauer gets annoyed by “Drug Czar” Boticelli’s inability to state whether marijuana was actually harmful, or if anyone had ever died from it. He rightfully questions if criminalization is really the answer. Although not explicitly stated in the clip: cannabis has many industrial and medicinal qualities that makes its criminalization not only ridiculous, but also makes me highly suspicious of the motives behind its continued prohibition. As Blumenhauer states:

“Your inability to answer me, whether tobacco or marijuana is more dangerous, is part of the problem… we have able to drop dramatically tobacco use, and it kills more people than marijuana,if you don’t know that, but we’ve been able to drop that without locking people up, without arresting… I think this administration has 3 or 4 million people arrested for marijuana since its been in office, and yet we’ve been able to drop tobacco use without being coercive and we’ve been using fact based advertising…”

Earl Blumenauer has served 8 consequitive terms representing Oregon, and won 78% of the vote in 2012. Why isn’t anyone talking about him running for president?