The Raht Racer is one of what will probably be many forms or transporation that combine human energy with electricity to create much more enviromentally friendly cars. Although every form of production is, at the moment, at best not particularly environmentally “unfriendly,” this type of transporation is cheaper, more energy-efficient, and contributes to better health than driving a car.

The 3-wheeled Raht Racer is mild-mannered actor Rich Kronfeld, the prototype is already far faster than a bike and much more efficient than a car. The most major difference between the Raht Racer and a motorcycle is its roll-cage (making it safer) and the fact that you can exercise while riding it.

The vehicle is not yet completely finished, and the final model should be able to reach and exceed 100 miles per hour (160 km/h), making it as fast a car but costing less energy to run and fewer resources to produce. Kronfeld is still gathering funds to completely finish his creation and concretely define its attributes. What is for sure is that it is chargeable using a simple wall-socket and that it is be far more efficient than a car or actual motorcycle, and this even while still in the prototype stage.

Should we be investing more into utilizing human energy in powering our lives? The answer seems to be yes. Why rely on finite power sources when we can use human energy, along with plants and the help of physics, to power all of our activities?