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Why We Must Stand Up For Our Privacy

I’m a big tech guy, and I love the latest in phone technology.  I recently read about  a phone that apparently is so secure that even NSA won’t be able to hack it. At first, I thought “this is awesome”, but then I thought,

Try Something New: Habits and Growth

When was the last time you did something new just because you felt like it? If you struggle to recall, then it is probably time you give something new a try. Not only does trying new things keep life exciting, but it may also

Homosexuality Is Natural

It's often argued that homosexuality is not normal or natural, however that is a misconception based on insufficient information or indoctrination.

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Cannabis can cure cancer! This is the future in medicine! It's a remarkable plant with many benefits and uses: medical, economic, agricultural, industrial!

Real Risks, And Real Benefits, Of Vaccines

New techniques may enable us to perfect the art of vaccination, but only if we are willing to listen to the science and keep digging for answers.

Losing emotions or reflection?

Whether this study shows a rise in objectivity, a decrease in emotional intelligence, or something different, it is unlikely that humans are “de-evolving”.

Learning Careerism As A Moral Reward System

The concepts of consumerism and careerism are predominant in first world countries, and are increasing in countries with less “advanced” economies too, but why? The definition of careerism or a careerist is “the characteristics associated with one who advances his career even at the