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New study explains why white people deny their privilege

Life doesn’t treat us all equally, no matter how much we individually try to uphold values like equality. Although the gap between men and women has declined in size, the position of black people in the United States has not come remotely close to

Where allergies don’t, and probably do, come from

Allergies are frequently misunderstood, and that’s saying a lot since science doesn’t even fully understand them. But, what we do understand allows us to expose quackery and help steer our ship or knowledge towards the right answer. We’ll start with an interesting correlation: children

Gender (Mis)Representation in the Media

“Freedom of expression and information is also a fundamental right of our democracies. The right balance therefore needs to be found between the fundamental right to equality of women and men, the breaking of gender stereotypes in the media and the fundamental right to

Naturophile Mother: “I gave my kid autism”

I gave my child autism. It wasn’t because of vaccines. It wasn’t because of tuna. It wasn’t because of formula. It wasn’t because of Tylenol, ultrasounds, antidepressants, Pitocin, tobacco, television, or pesticides. How do I know? Because she wasn’t exposed to any of these

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Humanity

The fact is, there are actually a lot more than 10 things you don’t know about humanity. There are more than 10 things that even I don’t know about humanity, too! But, this list is comprised of 10 important facts, and I hope they teach you

In what size do women feel most comfortable and attractive?

The short answer is, according to the most recent research: what they think men find attractive. The research only included heterosexual women, which is why the word is “men,” but can be easily taken to mean prospective partners. The research by Andrea Meltzer and

Claiming “conspiracy” is a simple escape for gullible people, according to new research

Now, this isn’t an attempt to claim every conspiracy is simply illusion. Individuals conspire all the time in private, economic, and political settings to maximize personal profit, and both big tobacco and big oil have conspired to discredit science and skew public perception about

IQ scores are rising, so why does it feel like people are getting dumber?  

That’s right. IQ scores have been rising by an average of three points per decade since they were first introduced about 100 years ago. The people who administer these tests have to keep adjusting them (make them harder) so that the mean score will

14 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Love

Love is something I have occupied myself with since my early teenage years, exploring bonds and relationships both in a practical and theoretical sense. Having mostly had healthy and long-lasting relationships has allowed me to better understand what makes a relationship good, and what

Chemtrail “Activists” Finally Get A Leg To Stand On

At Exposing The Truth, we have routinely shared our debunking of mainstream chemtrail theories with self-described “chemtrail activists” in an effort to explain that geoengineering efforts are not being seriously applied anywhere. Despite this, we receive a never-ending stream of accusations for not “covering” the