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Feds make first step towards hemp legalization

The United States federal government may not be ready to sanction marijuana use, but a new agriculture bill is set to legalize preliminary stages of hemp production in states that allow the practice. A new farm bill, passed by Congress on Tuesday, would allow

Millions Post About Mandatory Microchips

The Top Information Post website recently published a fearmongering article titled “All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from May 2014″.¬† Although the article only consists of 4 short paragraphs, with no source, the story went viral: in 2 days the article was shared

Everything you really need to know about WiFi and cellphones

Before a danger is recognized in the public sphere, regardless of what science has to say, most will continue to argue in defense of the poisons they consume most often. Before the age of science, the best known example is probably the use of

Stem Cells and Eternal Life

Stem cells will likely play a central role in future medicine, due to their unique ability to become any type of cell stored in its complete genetic data. Every cell of your body carries a complete copy of all the genes, including those coding for

Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the globe in its entirety and even threatening to spill over into space. Most people consider evolution to be like a linear progression: creatures constantly getting better and more adapted to their circumstances. Unfortunately, both of

Try Something New: Habits and Growth

When was the last time you did something new just because you felt like it? If you struggle to recall, then it is probably time you give something new a try. Not only does trying new things keep life exciting, but it may also

Homosexuality Is Natural

It's often argued that homosexuality is not normal or natural, however that is a misconception based on insufficient information or indoctrination.

The Secret To Finding And Keeping Happiness

Happiness can be explained and measured using various different scales, for instance through subjective experience or the levels of neurotransmitters typically associated with positive feelings, like serotonin, dopamine, or oxytocin. Although the methods of measuring it seem relatively straightforward, the question of what is

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Cannabis can cure cancer! This is the future in medicine! It's a remarkable plant with many benefits and uses: medical, economic, agricultural, industrial!

HAARP Geo-physical Weaponry Theory

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project(HAARP), known for it’s Ionospheric Research Instrument(IRI), is a High Frequency(HF) antenna array using radio transmission as a manner of heating atmospheric layers. With it’s 18 different instruments HAARP performs ionospheric research by means of transmitting and receiving