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Massive permaculture project lifts 2.5 million out of poverty

If you visit the Loess Plateau right now you will find a suitably luscious landscape in the province thought to be the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Agricultural land is rich in produce and animals, tourism levels have significantly increased, and farmers are reaping the rewards of

Man jailed for $5 theft found dead in cell

In yet another strange case where a person has died of “natural causes” (or suicide) while in police custody, Jamycheal Mitchell was found dead in his cell in Portsmouth, Virginia. Initially jailed for stealing a snickers, mountain dew, and a Zebra cake totalling $5,

10 Gender Norms We Need To Change

There is a degree of embedded sexism in the expectations we have, and stories we tell, within our culture. I am not talking about words like “humanity” having man in it, but instead about the idea that a stoic woman would be anything but

There is a bee crisis, but not the one you’re thinking of

If you’re a regular person, you probably think of bees as those fluffy flying insects that also make honey. Well, that isn’t wrong, but it also only describes the honey-bee. Ironically, although this bee is featured in the thumbnail of pretty much every article

Understanding Trauma – Part II: Psychological After-Effects and PTSD

Possibly most of the readers of this text will have come across the term “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD) with regard to veterans returning home from war zones and having problems with reintegration. Still many people don’t realize that PTSD is also a normal reaction

Lebron using $41 million to send 1100 kids to college

The great basketball player Lebron James has just committed a magnanimous offer of a free four year college education to at least 1,100 poor minority children. At an average cost of approximately $40,000 (Akron University) per student, this amounts to at least $41,000,000 million

Hemeburger: Vegan Burger That Tastes And Bleeds Like Meat

There’s a new meatless burger in town, packing the main flavor of meat: heme, which is an iron structure incorporated into hemoglobin (which carries oxygen in your blood). Check out this first-hand report: The surprising reason that red meat tastes “meatier” than older meat

Palm oil’s in everything and everywhere, and it’s destroying Asia’s rainforests

Palm oil has become an almost ubiquitous replacement for everything else, it is showcased as a healthier alternative to trans and more saturated fats and as a replacement to ethanol as biofuel. What we don’t see in this simple equation is the environmental cost, and I’m

New study explains why white people deny their privilege

Life doesn’t treat us all equally, no matter how much we individually try to uphold values like equality. Although the gap between men and women has declined in size, the position of black people in the United States has not come remotely close to

10 Ways To Live Healthier

Healthy is really a funny word, since until very recently it simply meant “without sickness or injury.” With such a definition, I could list 1000+ different ways to live that wouldn’t result in sickness. To fill the hole in this definition, we will be using