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This Poetic Call To Humanity Brightened My Day

So here I am Standing alone in the open I’m here with a message hoping to repair whats broken Nature is struggling, humanity is not on track We got our heads in the sand and our pride intact We seek fulfillment through wealth, but

Royal Ascension: Archaic Tradition, Serious Consequences

Despite humanity now having apparently entered the 21st century, within the next few years what we’re told is a civilized country, namely the United Kingdom is likely to be confronted by, the extremely rare spectacle of archaic ritual, traditionally accompanying the accession and anointing

Michael Dunn, Zimmerman & Michael Giles: Why Race Still Matters

The Michael Dunn case, George Zimmerman case, and Michael Giles case can be regarded as highly different, and yet in many ways they are the same. All were in Florida, all involved self-defense, all occurred recently, and all involved a gun. Michael Dunn, a

Creationism and Science: Where Has Man Gone Wrong?

I, like hundreds of thousands of others, watched a recent debate between a prominent creationist, Ken Ham, and Bill Nye, a well-known and respected TV personality and scientist/engineer. While watching the debate I couldn’t help but notice what most other people thought: neither one

This 2 Minute Video Will Open Your Eyes To What You Always Knew

You’ve felt it your entire life: that there is something not quite right about the world around us. There has been some progress, in some quarters, and the possibilities exist for us to do great things: to come out of the problems ahead of

Why Do We “Design For The Dump”?

It is not secret to anyone that our economic system, dubbed capitalism but in many ways embodying corporatism, strives for unlimited and unreasonable exponential growth. The fact of the matter is: this isn’t just wasteful but is actually environmentally suicidal. We design for the

Michio Kaku States UFOs Are Real On MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show

Michael Kaku goes on the air to talk about the numerous government officials and pilots who have run into UFOs. But, are the UFOs from governments or from aliens? The question is hard to answer, since there is so far no actual physical evidence

If We Ever Meet Aliens, They’ll Probably Be Robots

The existence of extra-terrestrial life is, statistically, almost guaranteed. The biological necessities for life are not as quite as specific as often portrayed, with extremophile organisms surviving everything extreme ionizing radiation and drying (in Tardigrades) to reproducing in freezing temperatures (Colwellia p.). The “habitable zone”

What You Should Know About Psychopaths And Serial Killers

When people think about serial killers, and psychopaths, they tend to idealize them, and also have no idea what they are talking about. The idea that the psychopath is of above-average intelligence and cunning is perpetuated by the fact that unintelligent psychopaths quickly land

A Society Beyond The State

“We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis Economic democracy is the only language in which political self-government may even be whispered. We have been falsely