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The Amazon Rainforest Was Shaped By Humans

Exploratory new research has revealed that the Amazon rainforest is not as ‘wild and untouched’ as previously thought and that ancient civilisations actually helped shape the landscape. The report, published in Science this week suggests that the Native Americans of the Amazon were actively burning,

Amazonian Tribe Emerges From Isolation In Brazil

Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI, announced last week that an uncontracted tribe emerged from the rainforest near the Brazil-Peruvian border and made peaceful contact on June 29th with Brazilian government scientists. Villagers from a settled indigenous community, know as the Ashaninka, radioed Brazilian authorities

The Other Side Of The World Cup

During the last week, Amnesty International and many human rights organizations have condemned the Brazilian cops for using violence against protesters in many cities in Brazil. That comes after more than a million Brazilians have gathered in over 100 cities to raise the voice about

You Won’t Believe Where The FIFA 2014 Ball Comes From

Hundred of TV, Radio and Social Media networks are covering each and every moment of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Brazuca is the name given to the official World Cup ball of the FIFA World Cup 2014, the ball which kicked off the first